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Jennison Ice project

Logo design, Video Production & Responsive website design

Jennison Ice came to our team with a lofty goal: to revolutionize commercial ice storage and dispensing. The company’s pioneer product, an ice storage system complete with an internal cleaning cycle utilized new technology that most prospective customers didn’t know existed. 

The challenge was to reframe the customer conversation, adhere to a strict launch deadline, and build a website that would grow and expand with the evolving business.

Logo Design

Our logo design process for the Vortex 500 product was both iterative and explorative. Jennison Ice wanted to incorporate a fan or spiral-cyclone mark into the design, so our designers got to work sketching potential shapes and directions.

Several iterations of the design included fusing the symbol within the text, but ultimately our designers found that the most successful logo maintained a visual break between the circular mark and text.

The final logo is clean, simple, and functional for display across multiple mediums: print, digital, and on the Vortex 500 machines.


While we worked through the logo development, the bigger picture homepage design began to take shape. The comprehensive project strategy document provided a tactical foundation, allowing our designers to create design concepts that would establish the brand, drive action, and propel new business.

Our design team worked through challenges including creating a design that would accommodate limited content upon initial launch but adjust to house future product information seamlessly.

Content Development

Our marketing and content team worked together to construct site architecture that would not only highlight the Vortex 500 product but also enable easy simple product updates down the line.

Like most new brands, one of the content challenges for the client included writing sufficient content for the initial launch. Consequentially, our content specialist stepped in to educate their team about the advantages and opportunities of resource aggregation, curation, and ultimately creation within their on-site blog.

Video Product Demonstration

The website needed to educate the prospective customer on the Vortex 500ís cutting-edge technology that enables it to provide safer ice by reducing human contact through automated dispensing and hands-free cleaning cycles.

What is the best way to quickly and clearly communicate value? An Introduction Video:


The new website provides a digital platform for the Jennison Ice team to educate prospective customers and gain new inbound leads. The design resonates with multiple markets, ensuring that individuals from the restaurant, healthcare, education and entertainment industries all develop an initial connection with their unique clean ice solution.


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