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Sabre Demolition

Responsive Website Design, Intranet System

Sabre Demolition is a national dismantlement, demolition, and environmental management company. The problem was, when Sabre came to us, not everyone who went to their website knew that. Headquartered in New York, many of their site visitors were leaving the site without recognizing Sabre’s national reach. 

Sabre needed their new site to communicate key aspects of their services as well as their service area. Complete with new project portfolio pages and location imagery, the site also includes a comprehensive, custom intranet system to streamline everyday internal business procedures.

Gathering Insight

From gaining a more thorough understanding of Sabre’s services to uncovering how prospective site-users would interact with different content, our initial discovery phase gave us the business intelligence we needed to create an action-oriented website. We dug into how the website could serve both prospective clients and internal employees.

Project Goals

  • Showcase project highlights
  • Communicate expansive service area
  • Emphasize commitment to safety
  • Improve internal form submission process

Defining Imagery

The homepage design needed to be simple and intuitive enough for site visitors to quickly identify Sabre’s services, industries and service area. The challenge was for our designers to incorporate industrial textures reminiscent of demolition sites without sacrificing the design’s polish. We had to find beauty in demolition.

Usability Across Devices

It was important that the design display optimally across all size devices. Internal employees would need to access the intranet system from demolition sites on portable devices like tablets and iPhones. Prospective clients, however, would mostly be accessing the site from larger office desktops. The design needed to accommodate both sets of users equally well.

From the Client

"Every time we've made a new site it's always been a step up, but this time it's not only a step up it's also the most functional website we've ever had. We love having the control to access to update things ourselves, so the CMS makes it perfect for us. Our PM Alicia was amazing. She was always 3 steps ahead of me"

- Brian, VP of Major Projects

Highlighting Projects

Prospective clients entering the site would seek credibility and additional context through Sabre’s project portfolio. Users would expect both imagery and specific data, like the total project cost.

It was crucial that the project portfolio be simple enough for the Sabre team to log in and update with new projects over time. Our developers built a system that allows Sabre to easily update new projects with location, project value, multiple images, and a general description.

From Our Project Manager

"Brian was a great contact. He came to us with an idea for content he wanted to communicate about Sabre but allowed us as experts to explore different design directions to best feature his content."

- Alicia, Blue Archer Project Manager


We always enjoy the challenges through sophisticated designs for manufacturing and industrial clients, and Sabre Demolition was no different. Our teams worked well together, and we were able to create a website that communicates key value propositions to prospective clients and streamlines Loss, LPO and Near Loss internal form submission for Sabre’s employees.


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