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IntegraCare manages 12 individual Senior Living Communities throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. With thousands of residents and employees and many stakeholders in the company, our team strived to build a robust, comprehensive website that would solve problems, save time, and perform as an extension of support for the people who call an IntegraCare community their home or place of work.


Due to the large scale of the website and the projected scope of the information needed to make the IntegraCare website a success, our Blue Archer project management model was key. Our dedicated project manager defined and secured an official Project Charter document to dictate and facilitate the organization of resources, prospective deliverables, and measurable objectives. An all-encompassing project strategy then laid the foundation for distinct action items necessary for efficient project completion.

Content Management System

To build the large-scale website with extensive content and requirements needs, our team utilized Blue Archerís own AccuCMS , a system that is built to implement custom functionality and programming. The AccuCMS also allows for IntegraCare to consistently update their content, leaving their prospective and current residents, family members, and employees better informed with updated news and resources. The content management system also enables IntegraCare employees to regularly update their website, making it work for them as their business grows.


Faced with the challenge to write compelling, visually descriptive community content for locations over 250 miles away from our own office, our content writers utilized IntegraCareís vast compilation of print marketing materials. To support the ultimate marketing goals and objectives of the site, it was crucial that our writers dive head-first into extensive target market research to successfully speak to the emotions, concerns, and attitudes of an individual searching for a safe, nurturing home for his or her loved one.

Custom Programming

Custom programming transformed the website from an elegant design to a practical business solution. Additional customization and functionality not only allows IC employees to utilize online tools to save time, money and effort but also improves the overall site experience for the target audience.

A comprehensive career board and online application system expedites the hiring process by allowing applicants to build their application and progress through multiple rounds of evaluation without ever having to pick up the phone.

The interactive map feature simplifies a new userís search for convenient community locations. Site visitors can explore options by entering their zip code as well as a mile radius limit. The database then returns appropriate options by listing the name, address, contact information and a link to learn more about the specific community.

A compliant intranet system opens the door for enhanced internal communication. From job applicants to seasoned employees, individuals are granted varying access levels depending on their title and responsibilities.


The final website acts as an extension of support, marketing, HR, and general operations. It consolidates administration time, builds the brand, and consolidates resources for all parties connected to the business. As IntegraCare continues to grow, they can track and improve conversion optimization efforts using multiple metrics tracked through the website.


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