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Island 200

Brand Building for a New Pittsburgh Stadium

Located in Pittsburgh, the Island 200 Velodrome is a fast track bike indoor racing stadium scheduled to open in 2014. When Island 200 came to Blue Archer, it had a logo and nothing else. Together, we established a full service marketing strategy, created an online and offline identity, and promoted the sports venue on an international stage.

Identifying Personas

Island 200 Indoor Velodrome is the first of its kind on the East Coast. Early on, we needed to identify who would be interested in being a part of the emerging community. As a professional venue, it would clearly pull a seasoned cyclist crowd. However, Island 200 wanted to make itself accessible to athletes of multiple levels as well as the general spectator-audience.

Seasoned Racer

  • Ben, 28
  • Professional Team Member
  • Regularly races at Six-Days

Recreational Cylist

  • Kathy, 27
  • Local Outdoor Rider
  • Health Concious 


  • Olivia, 23
  • Commutes on fixed-gear bike
  • Limited knowledge of velodrome


  • Chris, 45
  • Father of 2
  • Avid hiker and camper


  • Carter, 15
  • Watches parents at Island 200
  • Interested in beginner classes

Building Brand Buzz

To build anticipation for the major sports complex, we started in the most appropriate space to initiate conversation– social media. The social media campaign stretched across 5 platforms, and was an integral part of launching the brand. While our team worked on the full website, we launched a sleek splash page to collect emails and direct viewers to the social media platforms for real-time updates. The creation of, the media arm of Island 200, also aided in providing streaming of international races during the construction of the Island 200 velodrome. With the help of a polished press kit, the grassroots brand-building efforts spawned national press.

Beyond Digital

Our traditional PR and marketing experts picked up where our digital professionals left off. By designing official Island 200 apparel and gear including jerseys, t-shirts, key chains and hats, we transformed interested audiences into brand ambassadors. We also leveraged community outreach with event sponsorship opportunities amidst the avid cyclist community in Pittsburgh.


Our designers created a custom website design that reflected the striking intensity of the track, itself. Knowing that over 30% of the traffic to the original splash page was from mobile and tablet devices, our designers and programmers built a responsive website that would display optimally on every screen size. With a bold, captivating design at the foundation, our copywriters analyzed and evaluated user needs and expectations and communicated the Island 200 brand through creative text content. Likewise, User-Experience experts constructed intelligent information architecture to guide users through unique page funnels.


The Island 200 social media campaign took off from the very first day; the first Facebook post received 1,626 views. It continues to be a critical factor to the overall traffic; 25% of all incoming traffic is referral traffic from their 5 social platforms. The website continues to average well over 1,500 visits per month – not bad for a brand that has yet to open. Marketing and PR efforts have yielded international attention. The world now anxiously awaits the opening of the ultimate adrenaline-inducing experience.


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