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Tedesco Body Shop

Logo Design, Responsive Web Design

Tedesco Body shop came to our team as a brand new gym facility, rapidly nearing their official grand opening.  Utilizing top-of-the-line functional training methods, this shop includes an impressive rock wall, turf track, climbing ropes, and other unconventional cross-training equipment.  

Owned and operated by lifelong athletes, Tedesco Body Shop needed a website that communicates their unique, close-knit and passionate community as well as their distinct competitive advantages over other local cross-training gyms. 

Coming Soon Landing Page

Tedesco Body Shop began building their social media presence before they came to us, but without a live website URL, they knew they were losing credibility with prospective members.

Our team quickly assembled our internal resources and programmed a simple coming soon landing page to appear at their business URL. This simple design would provide basic contact information and a way for interested athletes to get in touch with the shop.

Logo Design

Tedesco Body shop had a very specific vision for their business logo. After consulting with their team, our designers were able to bring that vision to life.

On the exterior of their facility, Tedesco Body Shop commissioned an eye-catching graffiti style mural that included their name and a machine-like man. The team wanted to use a similar mechanical man as the subject of their logo mark.

The final logo includes a cross-armed , half-man-half-machine individual who manifests the idea that Tedesco Body Shop transforms people into machines. The mechanical components of the mark also draw from the Tedesco family history of drag racing and other automotive businesses.

Discovery Phase

Throughout the strategy phase, our marketing analysts uncovered key competitive differentiators and overall website goals for Tedesco Body Shop. Unlike larger chain gyms, Tedesco Body Shop uses every inch of their indoor space uniquely to help improve the human body. You wonít find endless rows of treadmills here, but you will find towering rock walls, large open-floor mats, free weights, climbing ropes, and more.

The website needed to speak to athletes who arenít looking for the traditional gym experience, and ultimately meet the following goals:

  • Convert new membership sign-ups, current member upgrades
  • Convey passionate community that supports each member
  • Provide easy-to-access class schedule
  • Communicate competitive differentiators
  • Generate increased brand awareness

Understanding Target Market Needs

The Tedesco Body Shop website would welcome two distinctive user-segments: prospective new members with little knowledge of Tedescoís service offerings and existing member looking to upgrade their membership or obtain educational resources.

Prospective and current members are roughly 65% women, between 18 and 50 who value a high-intensity workout in a friendly environment. While prospective members would spend more time engaging with imagery of the facility equipment and learning about the training staff, current members would search for class schedules and membership upgrade information.

The homepage design needed to accommodate all of these unique user-needs.

High-Intensity Design

The design needed to communicate grit, intensity, and raw power and also mimic the industrial, old warehouse interior of the gym.

Throughout the design and prototyping phases, our team determined that with the right fusion of high-energy photography and industrial iconography we could create a design that yields user-action: to explore membership options, view class schedule, and learn more about Tedesco Body Shopís unique training style.

Using the graffiti sketch as inspiration, our designers initially created a design that pulled a teal highlight color directly from the sketch.

Ultimately, we moved towards a grittier blue highlight color palette. In our last design iteration Tedesco Body Shop requested that we add subtle green link hover-states to tie in the gymís interior turf and bring additional color into the dark, intense design.


Tedesco Body Shop looks forward to using their open source CMS to make updates to their website on their own including adding more educational resources for their site-visitors and highlighting impressive before and after photos of their members. We are currently working with the Tedesco Boy Shop team to develop an animated version of their new logo for commercial and marketing purposes.


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