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Mia Tarducci Henry

Custom Portfolio Design & Web Development

Mia is a Pittsburgh based artist and recipient of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 2014 Emerging Artist of the Year award, whose work has been showcased in group and solo exhibitions and subsequently garnered high acclaim in the art community. As an artist website, we aimed to create a minimalistic, intelligent design that would let Mia’s stunning works speak for themselves. 


Mia came to Blue Archer for a website redesign to strengthen her brand presence online, increase exposure among target markets, and, ultimately, increase the volume of inquiries about her work. In addition, she wanted to streamline her correspondence with prospective clients, both individual collectors and gallery curators.
Through a series of strategy meetings, we collaboratively brainstormed potential solutions and developed a succession of low- and high-fidelity paper prototypes, before moving into programming.

Targeting the Look

The new website needed to appeal to the design and usability needs of three distinct personas: the passionate independent buyer, the fellow artist, and the attentive gallerist.

Joanne, Independent Buyer

Joanne, 47, is a Real Estate Agent for high end homes. She and her husband both enjoy contemporary art, and they have been searching for a new statement piece for their living room.

Trevor, Artist

Trevor, 40, is a Pittsburgh based sculptor and mosaic artist who specializes in public art. He frequently collaborates with other local artists.

Carl, Gallerist

Carl, 62, owns a gallery in New York City, and he is frequently on the lookout for talent from other cities for his continually changing exhibits.

Creating an Immersive Experience

Like all artists, Mia thinks about how context affects the experience of viewing her work. She wanted her website to provide the clean, spacious viewing experience of a gallery visit.

To bring the Gallery experience to online audiences, we designed a unique exhibition area for the site. With full-page imagery and minimal navigation, it mirrors the visual experience of entering a gallery. Users can then hover over artwork on the wall to read more about each piece. This helps users appreciate the size and magnitude of the art, and mimics the experience of leaning in to view details about each painting.


Functional & Responsive

Our team built an art-database, ensuring Mia can update her works and assign specific details for each including location and availability. If an individual is interested in purchasing a specific piece, the unique inquiry form delivers to either Mia or an outside gallery depending on where each work currently resides.

To create the optimal viewing experience of the website across many devices, we programmed a responsive website, ensuring that the artwork details emerge on every screen.

Work database back-endPrice inquiry formResponsive website - desktop and tablet views


The final website appeals to Mia’s initial minimalist vision of her ideal website as well as her practical selling needs. It showcases her vibrant art for both potential buyers as well as those who prefer to simply browse her collection.


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