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The Tools of Photoshop: Text Tools

The Tools of Photoshop: Text Tools

Inserting text is usually a given when creating a brochure or an ad.  You have a picture in your mind of how it will look but it can be frustrating to have your end product match your vision.

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Photoshop Tutorial: How To Add Color to the Key Parts of a Black And White Image

How To Add Color to the Key Parts of a Black And White Image Using Photoshop

To display an image in black and white will require the entire image to be displayed as such.  The benefit of using black and white allows you to introduce color to specific areas of an image, which makes catches your eye and allows those specific areas stand out.

This is a concept that is used by many industries, such as makeup companies, hair companies, etc.  They use the images to draw the consumer’s focus to the specific product, or product results, rather than the whole picture itself. 

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How to Maximize Your Business With A Portfolio

Do you need to showcase your work? We cover why you should have a portfolio on your website.

Not all businesses are created equal and work for one company can be showcased much differently than if it were for someone else. For some, something like a resource library can position them as a credible source in their industry. Others may need to showcase examples of their work in a portfolio. 

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Making The Most of Your Resource Library

Making The Most of Your Resource Library

A resource library can be custom built by Blue Archer on your website to help position you as a credible source in the industry. This may consist of ebooks, whitepapers, or other informative pieces for the audience. 

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Fresh Website for FHLBank Pittsburgh

website redesign pittsburgh bank

This spring, we launched FHLBank Pittsburgh's brand new website. We began the project with an extensive strategy process to help uncover the business goals. At the conclusion, we found that FHLBank Pittsburgh wanted to: increase usage of products by current members, leverage new technology and refreshed brand, highlight diversity, and increase membership. 

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