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Coordinated Digital Strategy & Website Development

Six months after we completed a comprehensive website redesign for global supply chain company, Plan4Demand, their brand was acquired by Spinnaker Management Group.   Fortunately, the extensive investment in user-experience and content architecture was not wasted. The new parent company appreciated Plan4Demand's user-friendly online experience, and asked to have the site rebranded to reflect the changing of the guard.

P4D Strategy

We began the large-scale strategy process by orienting P4D to their current traffic and the ultimate goal of increasing user-flow for non-branded searchers through funnel visualizations.

Our UX experts then completed a card sorting exercise in order to define the optimal keyword and page structure for search engine optimization. By completing multiple customer journey maps, our team visually communicated the correct path for system integration and the development of interaction schemes between customer actions, touch points and P4D actions.

Orienting P4D to their current traffic segmentationCustomer journey mappingCustomer journey mapping continued


After we established the site content approach, our designers created an equally intelligent design that would compliment and encourage user-flow. The final design was modern, professional and value-centric

Custom Programming

In a massive effort to utilize strategic inbound marketing tactics, our team built an extensive resource library that allowed P4D to upload white papers, webinars as well as other resources and allocate back-end differentiators. Classification, solution and technology interest databases housed the data, while the front-end reflected captivating marketing messaging and encouraged users to complete registration in order to access restricted content. Specific landing page creation for individual resources increased targeted marketing efforts, and propelled lead generation for P4D by integrating with their CRM system.


The resulting website preserves the intelligent functionality and design of the previous Plan4Demand site, but the acquisition rebranding leaves it performing as a Spinnaker-centric business tool that the company can leverage as a sales, marketing, and administrative aid.


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