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Logo design, marketing video production & Responsive website design

Turflux produces GPS controlled sprayer technology for the golf and turf markets.  The brand came to Blue Archer to launch a website that would become a resource for the golf and turf market and ultimately prove to their prospective customers how powerful technology combinations implemented on existing equipment can improve quality, accuracy, and cost of chemical and fertilizer applications.

Strategy Development

During the initial phase of the project, we worked with Turflux to define a comprehensive strategy. Through this analysis, we uncovered valuable information about the sales-process and cycle, the target market, typical decision-makers, and site-users. Using demographic and business insight, our designers and content specialists constructed wireframes and information architecture that would best communicate the value of Turflux products in mere seconds to prospective consumers entering the site.

Virtual Product-Demonstration

GPS controlled sprayer technology is best explained visually. For us, that meant that a website with captivating imagery and high quality text content just wasn’t going to cut it. Potential customers needed to see the product in action. We produced a general introduction video that does just that. It explains the products by demonstrating exactly how they work and emphasizing the fiscal value and rapid return on investment.


Knowing that the Turflux target-market preferred immediate visual messages to best understand product capabilities, we programmed a second video to autoplay for users upon entrance into the site. This video utilizes full screen display, engaging the site-users instantaneously. Strategic messaging overlays the silent video to aid in narrating intrinsic product value.

Logo Design

Our job was to convey the value and mission of Turflux through consistent, cohesive and compelling branding. A captivating brand identity begins with a recognizable visual stamp: the logo.

After multiple rounds of sketching directions, prototyping concepts and refining designs, we ultimately decided on a design that incorporates a subtle, abstract satellite mark . The design successfully incorporates the target adjectives and qualities:

  • Precision & Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Environmentalism

Content Development

Our Content and Marketing Specialists worked collaboratively to edit Turflux’s text content, ensuring that the content successfully targets site-visitor personas. Our Specialists aim to edit content so that it speaks to the site-user but also incorporates best practices for search engine bots crawling the site for index purposes.


The new Turflux website educates potential prospects on the fundamentals of GPS guided sprayers, ultimately reducing the overall sales-process duration and saving overhead costs. Additionally, the modern website design and professional videography renders Turflux credible for new users who are cost-apprehensive. Finally, the final product provides Turflux with a standard system to test and measure the results of marketing efforts, monitor lead generation, and integrate online and offline brand touch points.


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