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Intranet Development

Convert your website into a central location for key stakeholders, employees and your constituents to view sensitive material by means of password-protected pages.

Our intranet functions as both an internal network for your employees and an extranet, where access can be extended to designated customers, partners, vendors, etc. 

Intranet Functionality

On the backend, website managers have the capability to protect any website page with a password. Site managers have the option to update which pages are protected, just as they can update which users have access to the intranet. Additionally, the intranet module allows intranet users to be categorized as individuals and/or groups, in which users will have access to a set of pages assigned to a specific group. On the frontend, intranet users have access to website pages not viewable by other visitors to the website.

How is an intranet valuable to your business?

Adding intranet functionality to your website changes how your organization operates.

  • Efficiency & Productivity: Time-saving is important to all businesses. Using the intranet module allows information to be distributed among team members in a fast and efficient manner while encouraging collaboration.
  • Communication: An intranet is extremely useful for communication and cooperation between an organization’s team members.  For instance, an intranet allows for posting and updating of employee schedules/shifts, serves as an archive of company resources and policies, and distributes necessary information or documents among employees.
  • Cost-Effective: An intranet is paperless and encourages online collaboration, cutting down on printing and distribution costs.

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