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Mobile & Responsive Web Design

25% of U.S. web users browse exclusively from a mobile device.

In a mobile world, customers are taking the lead in creating new touch points with your brand, interacting with your business from wherever they happen to be, with whatever they happen to be holding. Sometimes this means browsing your beautiful content on a screen the size of an index card. At Blue Archer, we have a number of mobile solutions designed to fit your needs as well as those of your user-base, too.

Responsive Design - One Website for Everyone

The current trend in designing for mobile users is called "Responsive Design".  Because companies are developing new devices at different sizes every day, it's becoming important to create designs that can adapt. To see how it works, try narrowing your browser, and see what happens to the content on this page.

There are many advantages to Responsive Design for your users. The primarily advantage for you is that you can focus on developing content for just one site, and rely on the underlying responsiveness of the design to rearrange everything for users, whatever type of device they're using.

Mobile Version of your Website

Some businesses have very specific types of activities their customers tend to need to do on-the-go. They want a highly efficient mobile experience, with just a limited amount of content delivered on their mobile website. Our technology features standard, straight-forward modules that allow your website to immediately determine if a user is browsing from  mobile device, and direct those users to an alternate, mobile-optimized version of your site.  Utilizing a layout designed for small screen sizes, this mobile site can be customized to feature critical content and functionality, utilizing reduced images and files sizes so that even users with slower mobile connection speeds can access your site quickly and easily.

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