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Open Source Development

Secure, Intuitive Content Management

At Blue Archer, we have extensive experience with open source software and tools.  We have utilized over a dozen different content management tools during our 20 years in business.  However, these days we only work with the best tools for our clients based on our experience.  How do we determine the best tools for you?  

We use the following criteria for what any open source software must provide:

  1. Ease of development: if it is difficult to develop for, then budgets will be artificially high, and the learning curve for other developers or your staff will be high.
  2. Expandable, comprehensive functionality: If the software will limit the functionality or future expandability of the solution, we will not utilize it.
  3. High performance: any open source we utilize must provide reasonably high performance to ensure a positive user experience, and to avoid penalties from search engines (if a publically available web application).
  4. Secure: a failing of many open source platforms is a lack of basic security built in to the core software.  Sourcing development to a community can lead to hacking and loss of customer data if the core software is not properly structured and documented.
  5. Hosting and support: any software we utilize must be host-able in a highly available, highly secure environment that is backed up properly.


With our criteria above in mind, we have audited and executed projects on a wide number of popular CMS systems, including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, DNN CMS (DotNetNuke), and Umbraco, among others.  For our clients, the only platform we can recommend as having met our criteria is Umbraco.  

Umbraco is a .NET/MS SQL Server solution that is robust, high performance, highly secure, and highly supportable.  For the Enterprise, the technology fits with the most common technologies employed running your network, hosting your data and files, and running your email.  This commonality allows for familiarity and supportability that provides excellent ROI over time, as well as excellent performance and security.

Cost Benefit Analysis

With a CMS implementation from Blue Archer, you have the ability to manage your own content without relying on programmers or other specialists. This can cut down on expensive maintenance costs overtime. Additionally, since we specialize in specific tools and software, your cost to implement and the quality of the final implementation will be excellent.