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Achieva approached our Blue Archer team with the overarching goal of modernizing their online presence to align with an ongoing rebranding effort.


The existing website faced several challenges, including a dated design that did not resonate with their evolving brand image. Navigation complexities arose from an internal department-focused structure, hindering user experience. Additionally, the site lacked flexibility, making integrations and content updates cumbersome.

Furthermore, Achieva sought to address accessibility standards to ensure an inclusive digital environment. The absence of robust metrics tracking and a slow page load time impeded their ability to gauge user engagement and hindered SEO efforts.


In response to Achieva's challenges, our Blue Archer team devised a comprehensive website solution aimed at transforming the digital experience for users. Leveraging our expertise in web design and development, we initiated a strategic overhaul that addressed both aesthetic and functional aspects. We implemented a dynamic business units module, allowing Achieva to showcase its affiliated organizations seamlessly. This modular approach facilitates future adaptations for individual business units. Smartform routing, a calendar of events, a staff database module, and an intranet were integrated to enhance functionality and user engagement.


In the strategy phase, we meticulously worked with Achieva to establish project objectives, delving into insights from the provided questionnaire and the strategic vision report. We conducted a thorough analysis of website visitors, performed a competitor analysis, and crafted a comprehensive sitemap. To improve user navigation, we restructured the site, moving away from the internal department-focused approach to create a more intuitive and audience-centric organization. This involved collaboration with Achieva to understand their multifaceted services, resulting in a streamlined sitemap that caters to diverse user journeys.

Our collaborative strategic approach also involved creating wireframes for key pages, ensuring alignment with Achieva's goals and audience expectations.


The revamped website incorporates a visually appealing and modern design, aligned with Achieva's rebranding efforts. Using Achieva's vibrant color palette featuring teal, purple, and gold we created an engaging interface that reflects the organization's dynamic and compassionate ethos. The soft teal and soft gray act as supporting neutrals throughout the design, and our designers utilized subtle background textures throughout the site for a dynamic, unique look.


The website's functionality was enhanced through the implementation of modules like site search, a business units module for "affiliated websites," staff database module, calendar of events, resource center, blog, interactive mega menu, and smartform routing. Program screening functionality facilitates dynamic questions and responses. The interactive feature guides users through relevant information based on their inquiries and offers a tailored experience for those seeking specific services or programs. Additionally, the inclusion of an intranet enhances Achieva's internal communication.


The strategic approach, thoughtful design, and innovative functionality have positioned Achieva to better serve its diverse audience, reinforcing its role as a trusted resource in the disability support community. Through a collaborative and iterative process, our team delivered a holistic solution that not only met Achieva's immediate needs but laid the foundation for future adaptability and growth.


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