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Bally Design

Custom Website Design & Development

Bally Design, which began as an industrial design firm in 1972, prides itself on providing practical yet innovative product design solutions. Their award-winning, collaborative team is forward-thinking, friendly, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond by identifying each client’s root pain point.


Bally Design relied on word of mouth for sales and marketing for many decades. However, as existing client contacts retired or moved on to different roles, there was a new generation of prospective customers in the market who lacked brand awareness of Bally Design. Furthermore, their existing clients lacked an understanding of Bally Designís breadth of capabilities, which included newer digital prototyping and AR/VR expertise.

Bally Designís website was limited by inflexible templates. The company needed a flexible CMS that would enable their content to grow alongside the brand.


Our marketers, designers, developers, and project managers worked together to complete a full service project for Bally Design. The resulting website is a beautiful representation of Bally Designís expertise. The flexible and intuitive CMS ensures that the Bally Design team can continue to update and enhance content over time.


During the strategy phase, we explored website objectives, target markets, brand messaging, and design direction. The primary goals were to increase website traffic, leads, and ultimately sales that would support their bottom line. Additionally, we knew the website needed to properly describe their unique design process, highlight marketing differentiators, and help grow their AR, VR, and animation services. We analyzed the expectations and needs of project engineers, project managers, marketing directors, and other roles that would be navigating the site. This helped support a sitemap overhaul and service categorization update. By compiling page prototypes and a comprehensive design brief, we established the strategic foundation for the siteís look and feel prior to moving the project to the design phase.


As a design company, a striking website design was crucial to the success of the project. The Bally Design team sought a user interface was was minimal, modern, and full of subtle detail. Swiss design, negative space, beautiful typography, and asymmetrical layouts all inspired the direction of the homepage design. The resulting design is clean yet captivating.


Several modules help to support the content maintenance and update requirements of Bally Design. Our team built a portfolio database to house project examples and details. On the front-end, users can filter by market sector and service offering. Each project details page includes vibrant imagery, a project description, award highlights, and related projects. The website also includes a comprehensive news blog where users can explore press updates, company news, and industry thought leadership. Lastly, an events calendar helps to communicate upcoming trade shows, outings, celebrations, virtual workshops, and more.


In order to support Bally Designís marketing objectives, our team completed a comprehensive SEO campaign. This campaign focused on determining strategic keyword targets for primary pages throughout the site. We conducted a competitor analysis and detailed keyword research before completing technical on-page optimization, meta-data population, and more. After the initial optimization of the site, the website saw a 25% increase in user sessions.


We look forward to supporting the Bally Design in their ongoing website and digital marketing needs.


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