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Bridges Health Partners

Custom Software System

Bridges Health Partners is an organizational partnership between non-profit health systems in the greater Pittsburgh area that are committed to transforming how healthcare services are delivered.


Bridges Health Partners needed a custom software system that would enable physicians to view their own critical performance metrics as well as metrics for PHOs and medical practices in the surrounding area. They system would require that administrators at Bridges Health Partners be able to view and manage PHOs, practices, and providers.


Our developers and a dedicated project manager built, tested, and launched a custom system that meets Bridges Health Partners existing goals and builds the foundation for additional enhancements and improvements overtime.

System Overview

The custom system is built on our Rapid Development Framework Platform. It integrates with a data provider and performs front-end calculations for both performance data as well as quality scoreboard metrics. Medical providers can see how other physicians, PHOs and medical practices perform and compare their own metrics to others in the area. Upon entrance into the system, users are taken to an intuitive dashboard that enables them to view KPIs, “My Practice Performance” metrics to see how they compare, a quality scoreboard, and a resource module. Bridges Health Partners system administrators can assign varying permission settings for each user to manage visible data.

Looking Ahead

All of the data is stored in the system so it can be utilized for additional phases of functionality. Bridges Health Partners administrators can also track user logins, details, and session durations in order to understand the use of the system and identify areas of improvement for future system phases.


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