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Carnegie Museum Group

Mobile Application Development

The Carnegie Museum Group wanted to provide a digitial membership card to their members, including a scannable QR code that could be easily displayed on popular mobile devices.  With a user-base that was increasingly tech-savvy, Carnegie turned to our Blue Archer team to bring together the optimal user-friendly interface with seamless integration into Carnegie's backoffice membership management systems.

Building the Pages

Standard yearly membership passes were limiting new member sign-ups. By creating new mobile membership pages, Carnegie Museums could leverage monthly digital memberships that allow for easy online renewal.

Our development team created a membership card that generates scannable bar codes and integrates seamlessly with the museum database of active membersí names, membership numbers, and expiration dates. The mobile card, which emulates the design of the familiar tangible cards, was designed to display on both tablets and mobile phones.

Technology & Integration

After we defined the optimal User Experience, our C# .NET programming team developed the membership application, ensuring a high performance and well-supported product.

The Carnegie Museum Group continues to manage their membership information through their existing membership database. Our developers integrated the mobile membership application with their existing API so that Museum IT and administrative staff had minimal project responsibilities.

As a result, Carnegie Museum members can now easily view membership details such as membership level, expiration date, and ID number, as well as easily enter any museum location by displaying their QR code for a quick scan by museum staff.

Sign In

Members access the portal through the website link and sign in with their login credentials or establish new credentials.

Arrive at Membership Card

Members view membership numbers, primary and secondary names, level, expiration, and scannable barcode.

Take Action

Members can renew their membership, donate, review membership FAQs, and more - all through their membership card.


Prior to the mobile membership pages, it was too cost prohibitive for Carnegie Museums to leverage monthly membership options due to high printing expenditures. Now Carnegie Museums can offer monthly memberships as well as simple registration and renewal, all accessible to members through their mobile devices.


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