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Digital Strategy, Custom Website Design & Development, Custom Functionality

Dawar manufactures the touch screens used in building application technologies for the healthcare, military, agricultural and gaming industries. When they came to Blue Archer, 90% of their business came from offline on-the-ground sales efforts.

Blue Archer created a website for Dawar that supports sales through online lead acquisition, provides engineering tools and resources for targeted site visitors, and positions Dawar as an expert in their industry.

Identifying Project Goals and Business Objectives

The new website needed to drive measurable user action including spec downloads, newsletter subscriptions, evaluation kit orders, contact form submissions, and sales territory searches. Our initial in depth project strategy highlighted business goals for the website including:

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Support sales through qualified lead acquisition
  • Provide content to help visitors make an informed decision and move closer to a RFQ
  • Streamline quote process
  • Position Dawar as experts in touchscreen industry

Mapping Intuitive Paths for Site Visitors

Though many diverse personas would arrive at the site, we identified the primary website audience as 45-50 yr old male engineers and purchasing agents from original equipment manufacturers (OEM), original design manufacturers (ODM) and contract manufacturers (CM).

Process design engineers – the “specifiers” - would look for information on the site that answers how products work and if the products are a good fit for them. We needed to build these users a clear path to detailed product specs.

On the other hand, staff engineers – the “influencers” – would want to see how Dawar’s products could help them present the best image to their superiors. These users would need online product selectors, CAD files, flow charts and error free RFQ builders.

Purchasing agents make up the third primary target. These site users are typically the decision makers with budget authority, so we needed to ensure that content entered on cost-savings and application examples.

Content Display Exploration

The website needed to educate every user that would enter the site, although as our persona analysis revealed, the information they would seek would differ depending on their role in the project.

While novice users would look for aid in the form of the product selector tool, expert users would pursue specific specs and documentation. Therefore it was critical that each section of the site provide diverse options. We knew this could become visually dense, so our user experience team detailed all of the content needs for each page type.

We worked through the homepage , industry applications, resource database, as well as product category, listing, and detail pages prototypes before moving on to design.

Homepage Design

Once we polished the prototypes and wireframes, our designers moved forward creating a design that would command authority and support their differentiators including Dawar's extensive experience, customization capabilities and their customer service.

The red and black from the logo created a heavy, dark color palette, so we lightened the design with softer blues and grays. We avoided banal stock photos of smiling suits and shaking hands, and instead opted for product-focused imagery in several target industries.

The final homepage projects an energetic, innovative brand and clearly presents the three major solutions for site-users to explore: touch screen products, product enhancements, and integration.

Developing Product Detail Pages

Each of the products have a significant amount of content associated with them including specifications, drawings, downloads, and more. We needed to develop intelligent pages that mirrored projected user-paths.

To do this, we created dynamic pages that allow users to iteratively interact with a concise product description, a detailed central section, and tabbed resource matrices. The central section on each product page changes depending on where a user expresses interest. Information includes spec snapshot, lead times, and similar product suggestions.

The detailed resource tabs provide the user with a singular location to download evaluation kids, questionnaires, excel spreadsheet, and other detailed product information so they can make informed decisions.

Product Diagram Illustrations

Specifications sheets, detailed size ranges, cover lens descriptions, and documentation downloads would all be beneficial for user comprehension, but as a visual product, the touchscreen products needed labeled diagram illustrations.

We designed illustrations for each product that gave a large, clear visual of each layer in the touch screen including the lens, materials, adhesives, conductors and more.

Product Selector Tool

When a user views a specific product, along with comprehensive overviews, specs, drawings, and product comparisons, users can also request support using the “Help Me Choose” product selector tool. This tool brings them through a series of questions based on what their product needs. Based on their answers, they are provided with product suggestions tailored to their needs.

Through the content management system, the Dawar team can specify the question text, order, and what questions should follow based on the user’s answers. Because the product selector tool appears across all of the product pages, Dawar is able to easily customize the question details and sequence for each individual product.

Managing Product Information

We wanted to ensure that the Dawar team could make updates to their product pages on their own after launch.

The content management system supports simple changes and additions to general product information like images, product text, and call to actions. However, it also simplifies more complex updates.

A great deal of content throughout the site is housed in responsive tables, which can typically be difficult for businesses to manage on their own. We solved this problem by building Dawar a system that only requires a user to identify the number of rows and columns before the system automatically generates a new text section for the user to complete. Dawar administrators can also add, rename, or edit product tabs at any time.

Rep Finder & Sales Territory Map

One of the target actions we wanted the site users to take was to search sales territory for their respective contacts.

Our development team built a Rep Finder database for users to search their location by city, state and zip code. Users are then taken to a results page that lists three contacts, ensuring that they reach out to the most appropriate person based on their needs. Once a user chooses their contact, they can complete and submit a simple form which is sent directly to the contact via email.

Custom Knowledge Base

The resources section, complete with access to the DawarTouch Product Selector Tool, evaluation kit requests, and quote requests includes a comprehensive Knowledge Base.

This custom resource library fosters improved product understanding for users. Customers can search by products, product downloads, drawings, and format types including case studies, white papers, videos, and more.

Within the CMS, Dawar can specify how each resource will appear for the site user in the listing page, ensuring that the results display optically based on the resource type. For example, if a user indicates interest in product drawings, the result page includes both the product drawing and the product overview table.


The comprehensive strategy phase and usability research set the foundation for a Dawar website that drives sales and improves prospect relationships by providing users with engaging content and resources. Dawar staff can manage detailed product information including specifications, drawings, resource downloads and more with their content management system.


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