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Dentistry for Kids

Responsive Website Design, Social Integration

As the largest pediatric dental provider in Western PA, Dentistry for Kids needed a website that reflected their highly respected, expanding practice. The DFK team came to us equipped with high expectations and a solid understanding of their website and marketing needs.  

The grand opening of their newest office location was just around the corner, and the pediatric dentist needed a complete redesign, content overhaul, and a workable CMS that would allow them to make content changes on their own.

Strategic Foundation

We kicked off our discovery phase in their brand-new North Hills office location. By touring the facility, we experienced the brand just as their prospective and current patients would. The office was bright, fun, and quite frankly made us want to stay for our semi-annual dental checkup!

Our complete strategy revealed measurable marketing goals, defined location specific decision-maker personas, and detailed their value propositions and competitor advantages.

The site needed to present convenient Pittsburgh locations and hours, communicate service capabilities, highlight Dentist certifications, and become a strong digital extension of the warm, personal, caring DFK team.

Understanding Diverse User Personas

Various locations each had distinctly different user-personas, making it an interesting challenge to define the look and feel of the design. Some of the locations would need to emphasize weekend and evening hours for working parents, while other locations catered to a demographic more interested in specific certifications.

Before we began the design, our teams mapped out location based personas that included age, attitudes, interests, concerns, and targeted value proposition messaging.

Direction 1: Playful, Animated

After establishing what the website needed to achieve, our designers explored two distinct directions. Option 1 takes a light, cheerful approach with illustrations, fun header fonts, and local Pittsburgh skyline inspiration.

Direction 2: Bright, Established

Option 2, which we ultimately went with, takes a cleaner approach that focuses less on illustration and more on supporting textures that highlight imagery of DFK’s own patients and staff.

Multiple Locations

The overall website imagery needed to resonate with all geographic personas, but by building location specific mini-sites, we could hyper-target text content to fit each office location's needs. If a user enters the site and is interested in the Beaver location, for example, she could access that section and interact with a Beaver-specific navigation menu. This was important since each location boasted unique differentiators. For example, their Cranberry office has a painted circus mural while their North Hills location includes a full coffee bar for parents.

Each location section included individual pages for:

  • General Overview and Introduction
  • Office Photo Gallery
  • Meet the Team Staff Page

Custom Social Feed Development

One of the biggest goals for the site was to bridge the social and web traffic and convert site visitors into engaged social fans. To meet this need, our developers created a custom Instagram feed to match the look and feel of the site, while our marketers integrated a Facebook feed that emulates the look of a classic patient-photo corkboard.

Together, these feeds highlight additional staff and patients from various office locations, as well as oral tips and resources for parents.

Comprehensive Social Strategy

DFK was already excelling on social media, but they wanted to explore new creative campaign ideas and refine their operational processes related to social management. Our social team researched industry trends, audited competitors, brainstormed creative ideas, and developed new standards and processes.

The resulting 60 page social media strategy provides DFK with a comprehensive resource, filled with creative ideas, helpful tools, and tutorials to help take their social presence to the next level.

From Our Marketing Manager

"DFK came to Blue Archer with an existing social media presence that was both creative and engaging. Our job was to improve their organic reach with innovative campaign ideas, implement a streamlined analytics and measurement plan, and utilize more sophisticated Facebook advertising techniques. We worked to bridge the social and website audience to gain new patients and improve existing patient relationships."

- Carla, Blue Archer Marketing Manager


Building a site that would fit the needs of parents from various neighborhoods, income levels, interests and values was a challenge. Ultimately, we designed a sophisticated pediatric dental site that communicates unparalleled experience and excellence without compromising their warm, welcoming brand attributes. The DFK website content and social voice now work together cohesively to reflect the hospitable, highly personal in-office experience.


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