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FHLBank Pittsburgh

FHLBank Pittsburgh is part of the Federal Home Loan Bank System that was established in 1932 by Congress. Today, commercial banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and community development financial institutions become members to access available liquidity, affordable housing and community development opportunities.

The Challenge

FHLBank Pittsburgh wanted to leverage new technology to refresh their brand in order to scale the business. Many of the other FHLBank locations had undergone recent website changes, and the Pittsburgh location wanted to set a new precedent with a polished, clean design. The new website needed to first and foremost increase membership. At the time of the project kick-off, there were over 1,00 prospective insurance companies that were eligible for membership. We needed to tap into that growing segment. The site also needed to highlight diversity so that FHLBank could continue to build a dynamic team and attract the brightest candidates.

The Solution

The final website includes custom functionality to make content and website maintenance more efficient. Our development team built multiple databases for images, leadership, stories, divisions, and more. Additionally, a brand new “members only” section is complete with housing information and documents for member banks. FHLBank can categorize resources within the module and post updates. An advanced search capability ensures website users can find what they need.

From The Client

"Our company website redesign was an intricate- involved process lead by Amber who is an asset to Blue Archer and the project itself. If you have website needs...these are the people to get you to where you need to be."

- Chris, Delivery & Design Manager


Our team met with FHLBank in their downtown headquarters to kick of the strategy portion of the project. We discussed information architecture through a modified card-sorting analysis and analyzed existing and prospective site visitors. We define project goals to ensure the website met many of FHLBanks content needs including highlighting FHLBank’s mission, improving the balance of service content, growing investor relations content, and building the careers section. Ultimately our team created a comprehensive website project strategy document, a separate social media strategy, an intuitive sitemap, persona cards, and iterative layout prototypes.


When our design team first got to work, we went in a bold, ultra-sleek direction before ultimately pivoting to a more approachable, conservative look and feel. The design for the new FHLBank focuses on clean lines, professional imagery, branded color choices, and thoughtful typography.


The new FHLBank website launched, and it continues to serve the team for all of their evolving content needs. We look forward to supporting the team into the future.


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