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Gateway Engineers

Custom Software System

Gateway Engineers is a full-service engineering firm with a history of excellence in project management, safety processes, and green design. The team needed a way to automate their project estimating process and compile all the estimates into a single database system.


Gateway Engineers’ existing cost estimating process was disjointed and unnecessarily complex. They needed an intuitive custom system that would streamline the cost estimation process and save their employees time. The system needed to enable a Gateway Engineers team member to create a project, add phases and tasks, associate additional staff, define custom settings, calculate a phase or total project estimate, and print a final estimate report. Though the system goals were simple and straightforward, our development team needed to account for complex calculations and contingencies.

Gateway Engineers software project challenge


Our developers deployed the new system on the client network, and integrated the application with the existing Windows Active Directory to allow for single sign on (SSO) and consolidated user management. AD user groups were leveraged to control use rights within the application. This ensures the system is tightly integrated with Gateway's existing network, and streamlines user access and management. The final system allows project managers to easily build, manage, replicate, edit, and review project estimates.

Gateway Engineers Solution

Project Process

Like all custom software development projects, we began with a vision phase which included a hybrid functional and technical specification – the Vision Document. This comprehensive document ensured functional requirement accuracy and it detailed use-cases, functional descriptions, and visual wireframes. Throughout the vision stage, our team finalized scope and made any necessary modifications. Our team then transitioned to initial programming and beta launch. Following the beta launch, we entered the testing and stabilization phase where we resolved any unexpected behavior and ensured the user experience is completely intuitive. After the system was thoroughly tested and updated, it was confirmed by the Gateway Engineers team and we launched the brand new system.


Our team of experienced developers built this custom project estimating system using the following technology:

  • Microsoft C# .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration / Single Sign-On

technology overview of software application


We look forward to working with the Gateway Engineers team into the future and supporting their custom software development and front-end development needs.


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