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Killigrew Company

Digital Strategy, Custom Website Design & Development

Killigrew Company is a manufacturers’ representative for commercial HVAC equipment. They came to Blue Archer needing a modernized website and a new logo to improve their brand recognition and establish credibility in their industry.


Many of Killigrew’s existing leads were coming directly from the manufacturers, UAS, or networking with contractors and engineers. The new website needed to be a reliable source of new business. However, we needed to go beyond just getting new prospective clients to the site. Once the visitors were on the site, we needed to ensure that the content, imagery, and design solidified credibility, improved brand recognition, and provided users with crucial dimensional and specification data.


The final website and information architecture effectively communicates the many services Killigrew offers manufacturers– from consulting to installation and application support. The new site simplifies the purchase of replacement parts by enabling users to specific the product type, number, and more, reducing the administrative time necessary to provide seamless support to customers.


Before establishing a strategic information architecture and homepage structure, our team analyzed the target website audience. Killigrew works with engineers, designers, contractors, owners, and more. And, each of these audiences had different needs on the site. While engineers would be strictly looking for pricing information and specification details, manufacturers would focus more on the existing manufacturing list and product information.

Logo Design

Before our designers started on the interface designs, we needed to set the foundation with an updated logo. The Killigrew team liked the idea of meshing a snowflake and flame together to tie in the HVAC work that they do for manufacturers. Our designers iterated on that idea and ultimately ended up with a “k” design that incorporates the abstract idea of heating and cooling through color.


We had all the right ingredients for a modern, exciting new site design. Equipped with a fresh logo, our designers stretched the boundaries in a traditional industry in order to make Killigrew stand out from competitors. We played off the blue and bright orange from the logo, but instead of using the typical white-space, our designers used a dark gray to highlight content sections through negative space. The result is a cutting edge design that incorporates both bright, vibrant imagery and custom illustrative elements.


The successfully implemented website strengthens Killigrew's positioning in the marketplace and now looks forward to increasing market share and providing validity and credibility required to help Killigrew improve its close rate. We look forward to supporting the Killigrew Company team with ongoing content and website improvements.


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