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Mitsubishi Electric Power Products - UPS Division

Digital Strategy, Open Source Website Design & Development, Custom Functionality

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. (MEPPI)’s UPS division manufactures Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems to protect customers’ mission critical equipment against power fluctuations and outages.  Our Blue Archer team designed and developed a new open source website for the division to increase brand awareness for prospective customers, generate new leads and customer acquisition, and support internal sales reps.

Project Challenge

When existing client, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Incorporated (MEPPI), came to us for help regarding their UPS Division website, the related content was housed on their general MEPPI website. However, as MEPPI UPS Division began to target a larger commercial market, they needed a marketing-centric website – something the existing site infrastructure could not support. The new, UPS Division dedicated website would also need to support internal sales reps.

Our Solution

It was important to MEPPI that the new website content management system be open-source, so we developed the new site on the powerful Umbraco content management system. A comprehensive strategy kicked off the project, and it enabled us to design and develop the new site with site visitors’ specific content needs at the forefront.


Our Blue Archer strategists worked with MEPPI team members to identify project goals and risks and analyze competitors. After a crash course on UPS systems, our marketing group created detailed persona cards to documents each site visitors potential content needs. The persona cards gave us the insight we needed to construct the information architecture and build layout prototypes. Persona cards focused on:

  • Career context
  • Product expertise
  • Website expectations
  • Goals
  • Concerns


The design needed to prioritize the human element of MEPPI’s services. Most products are completely customizable, so the website needed to sell both the product and the brand’s expertise. The UPS products are impressive machines – guaranteeing 99.9% up-time. But like many manufacturing brands, the UPS systems were not particularly attractive. Our designers got to work exploring different options to layer the system imagery with geometric shapes and subtle textures.

Looking Ahead

The MEPPI UPS Division website had many functional databases and custom layouts built into the project, but because the UPS Division content was failing to reach the audience on the general MEPPI website, we needed to get this new site up as soon as possible. Our teams decided to launch the new site with limited functionality initially. We are currently working on phase 2 of the project which will include an enhanced product and service catalog, resource center, case study portfolio, and more.


The new MEPPI UPS website is one of many successful ongoing projects we have with MEPPI. The site is fresh, modern, and includes a plethora of information and data for prospective customers and internal sales reps. We look forward to building out the functionality in phase 2 of this project.


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