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Myers Poultry

Custom Website Design & Development

Myers Poultry is a poultry hatchery based in Western Pennsylvania that provides day old poultry to individuals, small or hobby farmers, and large growers.  When the team came to Blue Archer, their website did not accurately reflect Myers’s brand, quality, and capabilities.


Myers Poultry needed to modernize their website and establish an online ordering system in order to increase market share. When we first met with the Myers Poultry Farm team, they had a poultry catalog on their site that lacked any e-commerce functionality. Users were forced to download a catalog or make a purchase offline. The new system needed to not only showcase products effectively but also seamlessly sell products online.


Our team designed a captivating new responsive website for Myers Family Poultry that not only looks modern but also functions strategically. The comprehensive online ordering functionality enables site users to search for products, view the product catalog, and make purchases on the website. The system also supports intuitive back-end management for the Myers Poultry Farm admin team so they can adjust custom inventory and pricing functionality at any time.


We conducted a comprehensive analysis of Myers Poultry's markets and offerings. This ensured a deep understanding of both current and desired target markets, laying a solid foundation for strategic decision-making. We dove into the client's design and content preferences, unique value proposition, and positioning within the market. Through collaborative efforts, we defined a strategic sitemap, crafted wireframes for key website pages, and developed compelling messaging that kept the client’s website objectives at the forefront - increasing market exposure and growing sales.


After establishing a strong foundation in the strategy phase, we moved on to the homepage design. Our team implemented a user-friendly approach by centering the logo to accommodate longer navigation items, ensuring seamless navigation for visitors. The design blends vintage-inspired chicken imagery with whimsical poultry icons, creating a visually engaging aesthetic. Background illustrations were incorporated within a dynamic vertical rhythm to enhance the overall visual appeal, contributing to a website that not only stands out but also maintains a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Once we established the homepage design, our team created layouts for the ecommerce system as well as all the other key pages on the site.

E-Commerce Functionality

The new ecommerce system we developed for Myers Poultry provides comprehensive control over the product catalog. Myers can effortlessly manage categories with the flexibility of up to three levels for a well-organized front-end display. Adding products is made intuitive, allowing for the inclusion of crucial details such as product image, ID, category association, type, minimum order quantity, price, weight, tax, and extensive descriptions. For pricing management, we created a matrix system that facilitates the establishment of prices per item based on variables like sex and quantity. This ensures a dynamic and tailored pricing structure for each poultry product. Inventory management is streamlined, allowing Myers to upload a .csv file to set accurate inventory levels. The front-end interface displays three levels with color indications: Available, Limited Availability, and Not Available. As orders are placed, the system automatically adjusts inventory levels, maintaining real-time accuracy. The implementation of discount and promo codes adds a layer of marketing flexibility.

On the front end, when a site user clicks on a product, a comprehensive display includes essential details like product name, ID, image, description, price, pricing matrix, and current inventory status. Users can conveniently add items to their cart, proceed to checkout, and review all items in their cart. Additionally, the system provides visibility into hatch dates and availability for each item in the cart, ensuring a transparent and user-friendly shopping experience.


With a user-friendly design and comprehensive e-commerce functionality, Myers Poultry is now equipped to enhance customer experience, boost sales, and establish a prominent online presence in the poultry industry. Since the launch of the site, we have continued to work with Myers Poultry in order to make strategic and functional updates to the website and e-commerce system over time.


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