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Website Design & Development

Phosphorex, a prominent contract development and manufacturing organization specializing in advanced drug delivery systems, came to Blue Archer to create a contemporary website that not only reflected Phosphorex's unparalleled expertise but also positioned it favorably for potential buyers in the competitive biotech industry.


The outdated design failed to convey the company's cutting-edge capabilities, and the information architecture was convoluted, hindering effective communication. The existing website not only failed to showcase Phosphorex's advancements in drug delivery but also risked deterring potential clients who expect a modern and user-friendly digital interface from industry leaders. The challenge was not merely technical but extended to perception and market positioning.

Functionality gaps, coupled with an inability to provide an engaging user experience, meant the website needed a complete overhaul.


The website's functionality was enhanced with features like an image rotation module, news updates module, and HubSpot forms support, ensuring an engaging and interactive user experience. The solution seamlessly merged strategic planning, sophisticated design, and robust functionality, aligning with Phosphorex's goals and positioning them as a cutting-edge player in the drug delivery industry.


Blue Archer's strategic approach began with a discovery & knowledge transfer session, closely examining Phosphorex's unique offerings and industry positioning. While Phosphorex came to us with a finalized sitemap, our team worked through various wireframes for key pages throughout the site. The design brief, which details the design direction for the homepage, guided the creation of a web design that seamlessly blended aesthetic appeal with functional excellence.


Drawing upon the brand's rich history in particle-based drug delivery systems, our team aimed to create a visual identity that not only resonated with Phosphorex's 18 years of expertise but also projected a modern, cutting-edge image. The chosen color palette, dominated by blues with subtle neutrals, conveyed professionalism and trustworthiness. Typography, primarily using the Gotham font, echoed a contemporary and experienced tone. Visual assets, including the logo and carefully selected stock photos, blended seamlessly to project Phosphorex as an industry leader. The final design is a harmonious blend of brand legacy, contemporary aesthetics, and strategic visual elements


The redesigned website included tailored modules to address Phosphorex's unique requirements. An image rotation module, seamlessly integrated into the home page, empowered the Phosphorex team to manage images and messaging effectively. The blog module was used to showcase news, events, and resources. A site search ensures that users always have a way to find the information or resources they are looking for. Like all of our projects, the site's back-end was created with a forms management module, ensuring comprehensive forms creation and efficient data management. Phosphorex gained complete control over website management, with the ability to add, modify, or delete pages effortlessly.


The strategic design and innovative functionality showcases Phosphorex's expertise and commitment to staying at the forefront of the biotech industry. This revitalized website not only meets current market expectations but positions Phosphorex for sustained growth well into the future.


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