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Custom Website Design & Development

SAFE approached us with a vital mission — to craft a website that serves as a central hub for suicide prevention resources, support services, and community events in Allegheny County.


The challenge was twofold: to drive increased website traffic, improve link engagement, and boost event attendance, all with the overarching ambition of contributing to a reduction in death by suicide in the county. This called for a seamless blend of technology and empathy, creating a digital space that not only informs but also connects and supports those affected by suicide.


Our solution involved a strategic rebranding of SAFE, making it more approachable and understanding. The centerpiece was a user-friendly website equipped with a blog, resource section, and event calendar designed to be a valuable resource for Allegheny County residents. This transformation aimed to create a warm and supportive online space, offering not only information but also a sense of community for those seeking help and understanding.


The strategy phase was a pivotal exploration, clarifying SAFE Pittsburgh's mission, audience engagement, and design preferences. Our team crafted a detailed sitemap, content plan, and page prototypes, laying the foundation for a user-centric website. We delved into understanding diverse audiences, including at-risk individuals, mental health professionals, and higher-risk populations such as veterans and adolescents. The goal was clear: to make the website inclusive and functional for all subgroups, ensuring a unified and supportive digital environment. The strategy phase was not just a planning exercise; it was the compass guiding us to create a digital space that resonates with everyone seeking support, understanding, and resources from SAFE.

Logo & Design Refresh

Before getting started on the website design, we knew we needed to refresh the logo and overall brand. SAFE expressed a desire to retain the lighthouse symbol in their logo, which represented the organization as a beacon of hope during challenging times. The challenge was to modernize the lighthouse's look and feel, infusing it with a contemporary touch. During the logo redesign process, our design team dedicated efforts to provide diverse lighthouse beacon options, ensuring the final logo not only resonates with the essence of SAFE but also symbolizes a modern and inviting presence. We knew we needed to add warmth to the overall look and feel so we transformed the color palette and introduced yellows, oranges, and gold hues without sacrificing the longstanding blue as a brand staple.


In the design phase, our team aimed to strike the perfect balance between illustrative elements and photographic images. Our focus was on creating a visually appealing website that exuded warmth and approachability so it felt like a safe space for individuals facing challenges. We incorporated warm colors to foster a welcoming and personal atmosphere that aligned with the SAFE mission.

In recognizing the sensitivity of the subject matter, our design team meticulously curated imagery that showcased diverse ages, genders, emotions, and contextual scenarios. Transitional elements were also explored, ultimately opting for wave-like transitions between sections to enhance the overall fluidity and inviting nature of the website. The objective was clear to make the website relatable and comforting for those in need.


Designed with both users and admins in mind, the website's functionality facilitates effortless changes and updates over time within the CMS. The intuitive event calendar enables users to easily navigate categorized events, while the resources module boasts robust search and filter functionality for pinpointing specific support groups and resources. The blog module serves as an educational hub, integrating seamlessly with the resources module and offering active tagging and categorization to support ongoing SEO efforts. This dual functionality ensures a dynamic and enriched user experience while providing the website admin with the tools needed for flexible and timely content management within the CMS.


By seamlessly blending design aesthetics, robust functionality, and a strategic approach, the revitalized website not only serves as a beacon of hope but stands as a testament to the commitment to foster a supportive community in the fight against suicide.


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