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Sypris Electronics

Digital Strategy, Custom Website Design & Development

Sypris Electronics is an electronic manufacturing company with vast experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering complex electronic and electro-mechanical systems from circuit card assembles to intricate box builds to OEMs.


Sypris Electronics initially started as an OEM focused on DoD solutions, but over the years the business pivoted to contract manufacturing and now services a multitude of markets. The website needed to highlight team credentials and certifications and communicate solutions for each customer type– from technical engineers to strategic decision makers. It was also crucial to the Sypris team to create a markets section on the site that would enable users to learn about contextual solutions for their particular industry challenges.


The new website includes custom templates for the solutions and markets information based on an initial comprehensive strategy. A mega menu, resource database, and intuitive content management system make the Sypris website a tool that will continue to serve the business in the future.


The Sypris team was most interested in a design that would communicate their expertise in solving users’ problems. The design needed to showcase top tier customers, highlight industries, and encourage prospective customers to reach out to their team. In order to capture a sleek, modern look and feel, our designers branched out from the original solid red Sypris logo and blue accent gradients. Instead, the new design utilizes a mix of black, blue and red as well as subtle textures that emulate electronic currents and circuit boards.

From The Client

"Our experience with Blue Archer was a very positive one. They helped us clarify our message and value into an outstanding new website. I relied on Amber and Carla a lot for their creative expertise. They were great!" - Jim Long, Sypris Electronics


We worked through a strategy that identified and categorized the most important content for solutions and markets. Understanding users unique needs, we decided to build a mega menu for the solutions content on the site so website visitors could quickly identify the appropriate information using both levels of categorization within the sitemap hierarchy. A resource database enables the Sypris team to easily add new content to the site over time.


The Sypris Electronics website is built on a multipurpose, rapid development full-stack framework that is made for the responsive web. This high performance, lightweight code framework will continue to serve Sypris for many years to come.


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