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Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA

Digital Strategy, Custom Website Design & Development

Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA is an internationally recognized law firm complete with an in-house collections service agency.  Approaching 90 years in business, Weltman came to Blue Archer as a leading law firm that needed a website that would match their vast industry experience.


The law firm came to Blue Archer needing a website that would build credibility in the industry for new prospects and educate existing clients with ongoing publications, articles, and event notifications. Weltman had also recently rebranded their logo, colors and imagery. Our team was challenged with translating the new print brand into a digital experience that would ensure a cohesive brand experience across all platforms. We also needed to build a site and information architecture that would work for many different kinds of users from business owners to debtors.


Our team designed and developed a resource center that organized publication articles, webinars, alerts, insights, and events. By incorporating a mega menu into the solutions navigation, we were able to facilitate the communication of typical project processes. The new website includes additional features and functions that help to elevate the user experience and ensure the site is not only informational but also conversion-driven.

From the Client

"My experience with Blue Archer, and specifically our Project Manager Alicia, far exceeded my expectations. I had a specific vision in mind for our new website, and their talented team made it come to life. Alicia was an excellent project manager and kept us well-informed through her timely and very thorough status updates. I am extremely happy that we were able to partner with them, and would recommend their services to anyone."

- Emily, Marketing Content & Technology Manager


Throughout the strategy phase it became evident that in order to stand out from other competitors in the industry, Weltman needed to lead with their experience. By prioritizing statistics such as the total value of files, the website builds credibility. It was also very important to Weltman that the website encourage users to engage with the resources and social media. The media center on the homepage promotes the active Twitter account and includes avenues for visitors to join the conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn, and the resource center.


Our designers created several iterations of the homepage design before moving on to the internal layouts. The first draft of the design was a mix of trendy and traditional. Between the serif fonts and classic law firm imagery, the design was a major upgrade from the existing website. However, upon further analysis it became clear that we needed to adhere more closely with the new branding the Weltman team had recently created. Our designers once again overhauled the design to include the modern, geometric shapes, sans serif fonts, and bright imagery that you see present on the existing website today. It was a major shift to make in the design phase, but the resulting design communicates the same cohesive branding audiences interact with in print materials, emails, and more.

Website Features & Functions

The success of the website extends far beyond the cohesive branding we achieved in the design phase. Our development team crafted custom modules to help the Weltman team manage the content on their site ongoing. The attorneys module includes unique attorney bio pages complete with inherent cross-population, links to practice groups, pertinent or related resources and articles, and more. Additional features include custom solutions and practice group templates, comprehensive resource center, mega menu, and locations features.


We look forward to working with the Weltman team on future needs including SEO, geo-targeting campaign, and ongoing website functionality additions to improve the site user experience as we collect and analyze traffic data.


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