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The Westmoreland Museum of American Art

Learning Management System

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art came to Blue Archer to develop a Learning Management System (LMS) that would create captivating, virtual experiences for K-12 students.


The Covid-19 pandemic caused a major shift not only in traditional classroom education but also fieldtrip experiences. The Westmoreland Museum of American Art needed to pivot in order to continue serving students in a time where in-person museum visits were impossible. The Westmoreland Museum of American Art recognized that fieldtrips and student engagement in grades K-12 directly affect the pipeline of future museum visitation. The museum needed to provide a virtual education hub for teachers to ensure students still had access to art and cultural experiences.


Our team built a web-application that enables The Westmoreland Museum of American Art staff to manage and deliver educational courses to teachers and students. Teachers can register, search and filter available courses, and create virtual learning destinations for their students to access online.

How It Works

Using their new learning management system (LMS), The Westmoreland Museum of American Art developed virtual curriculum for students K-12.

Teachers can:

  • register for an account
  • create a dashboard
  • browse, filter & preview courses
  • generate unique URLs for students to access online materials

The system includes intuitive course filtering by grade level, curriculum standard, and theme. Courses contain organized lessons, interactive activities, pre-visit and post-visit materials, and an optional live virtual fieldtrip experience. Once a teacher registers their class for a course, students can access their class link and navigate through the course material.

Functionality Specifics

The learning management system includes registration authorization, user profiles, email notifications, dashboard creation, internal and external management, course creation and management, tour scheduling and availability calendar, and more.

Need a Learning Management System?

If youíre you are interested in providing virtual learning for your constituents, we can help! This learning management system software is a product that our Blue Archer team deploys for museums, libraries, zoos, conservancies, parks, and other landmark organizations. Reach out and letís see if an LMS is a good fit for your unique needs.


Prior to the pandemic, The Westmoreland Museum of American Art served over 4,000 students throughout the region each year. Though the traditional in-person fieldtrip model has changed, this learning management system has enabled the museum to continue serving the needs of both teachers and students throughout Pennsylvania.


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