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Mobile Application Development

As a trusted partner who has made over 19 million baggage deliveries for major airlines in the United States, the HomeServ team needed a mobile app to dispatch and track baggage deliveries ongoing.

Project Challenge

The new app needed to manage and track the delivery of extremely high volumes of luggage from anywhere in the country in real-time. It also needed to integrate with every major airline operating in the United States. With those requirements in mind, our team knew we needed to develop high performance tracking across a massive data store while also supporting varying speeds of mobile device connectivity.


Our team developed a high performance synchronization service using .NET technology that optimized calls to the existing baggage tracking system database that we had previously developed to ensure the mobile apps were able to consume and send back information with lightweight calls and data transmissions. The application allows delivery drivers to quickly receive their assigned deliveries, including optimized route recommendations. Drivers are able to quickly and easily assign a status to each delivery, such as "out for delivery", or "delivered", and this information is automatically sent to the central database to ensure quick and accurate delivery updates for travelers and airline management alike.

Technology & Usability

We designed and built the iOS and Android mobile application from scratch, utilizing a modern user interface to ensure optimal usability. Made to consume and send data in any conditions, without impacting the source systems, the WMS Mobile Application provides near real-time status updates to travelers and the central data store and synchronization services allows for near real-time integration with nearly every airline operating in the United States.


  • iOS and Android native development
  • Microsoft C# .NET for synchronization and backoffice applications
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 RDBMS
  • TFS for source control


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