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WTW Architects

Custom Website Design & Development

WTW Architects partnered with our Blue Archer team to revolutionize their online presence, seeking a website that not only showcased their rich portfolio but also conveyed their commitment to sustainable design and thought leadership in the architecture industry.


The project presented a dual challenge: WTW Architects needed a website that not only resonated with architects but also appealed to facility managers, property professionals, and developers. The goal was to seamlessly showcase their 60+ years of expertise while addressing the distinct needs and queries of diverse stakeholders. Additionally, the site needed to serve as a hub for architects seeking validation, facility managers assessing reliability, and developers ensuring timely, budget-friendly, and quality builds


Our team devised a comprehensive website solution, implementing modules tailored to WTW's unique content needs, including a dynamic portfolio module, an informative blog module, and a staff module highlighting the firm's experienced professionals. The interface not only provided architects with in-depth project insights but also offered facility managers and developers a streamlined view of WTW's capabilities, expertise, and successful project outcomes.


We meticulously fleshed out their mission, website objectives, and user profiles. We engaged in a collaborative process to crystallize their vision, producing comprehensive page wireframes, a detailed sitemap, and a design brief. This strategic groundwork was pivotal, laying the foundation for a seamless transition into the design phase of the project. The end result aimed not only to spotlight their exceptional portfolio but also to precisely cater to the distinct needs and expectations of architects, facility managers, and developers, ensuring a purposeful and effective digital presence.


In alignment with WTW Architects' innovative ethos, our design approach was guided by the principles outlined in the design brief. Drawing inspiration from the clean and sophisticated aesthetics of brands such as Apple, Yeti, and Specialized, we crafted a website that exudes professionalism and creativity. The use of Futura font, in accordance with brand guidelines, conveys a sense of modernity and expertise. Our emphasis on showcasing WTW Architects projects with images featuring people in spaces underscores the human-centric and sustainable design philosophy of the firm. The design aimed to resonate with architects, facility managers, and developers, delivering a visually compelling narrative of WTW Architects' 60+ year legacy and their expertise in student life design.


The website's functionality addressed the distinct needs of architects, facility managers, and developers. The portfolio module showcased WTW Architects' projects with detailed insights, while the staff module provided comprehensive bios for deeper engagement. The blog module ensured ongoing content relevance, supporting SEO efforts and establishing WTW as a thought leader. Our approach emphasized a user-friendly experience while providing WTW Architects with a robust content management system for effortless updates.


The revitalized website positions WTW Architects as not just architects but as thought leaders and sustainable design experts. We look forward to supporting WTW Architects' future website needs and enhancements so it can continue to showcase the brand legacy in architecture and sustainable design.


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