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Search Engine Optimization

A beautiful website with engaging content can only help your business if prospective customers find it.

Through our Search Engine Optimization services, we ensure that search engine spiders can effectively crawl and index your site so you rank well for relevant searches. 

Page Optimization

At Blue Archer, our SEO process begins with an initial analysis focused on website analytics review, keyword selection, and content evaluation. Our experts look at your information architecture to identify opportunities to improve your traffic flow and increase your retention. We consult with clients to identify appropriate terminology, and we research user-behavior to see how a specific target market phrases their search queries.

Once we have identified keyword targets, our marketing team optimizes on-page metadata including page names, title tags, descriptions, header fields, and alt tags.  This on-page work crafts the most appropriate notes that search engines scan in order to properly index websites and thus rank appropriate results for different search queries.  

Evaluation, Measurement, and Revision

Some companies stop at metadata work. We won't. Why? Because we have results that prove that consistent work pays off. We have increased search engine traffic for clients by 130%. However, we know that no amount of on-page data optimization will yield those results.  Remarkable results occur when you put consistent effort into site improvements based on user-behavior, and work outside the lines. 

Our most successful campaigns have included monthly analytics reports, recommendations, and subsequent updates.  In short, that means that we are adding new page content, editing graphics and messaging,  or building new functionality based on traffic analysis. If you give your users what they are looking for, they will remain on your site, and that is a huge component of SEO. 

By integrating our goal-tracking and conversion optimization capabilities with your SEO campaign, we ensure that your company or organization receives a return on investment in a website. 

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