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National Physique Committee

Web & Mobile Application

NPC is over 50,000 members strong – literally. As the top amateur physique organization in the world, they needed our Blue Archer team to create a more efficient membership application and renewal process.  Their current process required new and returning members to print out a hard-copy application and mail it to the NPC headquarters with an enclosed check. As you can imagine, this was highly inefficient for both the members and internal administration. 

Outdated Membership Process

It can be a challenge switching processes that have been in place for years, and that was exactly what was keeping NPC stuck in the past. NPC did all 50,000 memberships by hand. On their website, they provided a membership card that applicants would print out, complete by hand, and mail back to the NPC headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA along with a check.

The NPC administration team would then collect each mailed application and check and manually enter all of the handwritten information into a system.

Online Registration and Login

We streamlined their membership application process by creating a front end portal form that would allow users to register and renew their yearly membership.

Users can register as a male or female athlete and choose their competition category including bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and more. There are also options for non-athletes such as committee members and judges.

Payment Security

The online registration supports password changes and recovery as well as membership renewal.

Secure, integrated payment with Payments Pro and an additional SSL security certificate both provide members and NPC internal staff with a more efficient online alternative to writing and processing individual checks.

Zip Code Districts

NPC competitions occur throughout many defined districts. Our programmers developed an automated system where a user enters his or her zip code during the registration or renewal phase and the district name, number and state auto-fill. The system recognizes international addresses where United States districts would not apply, and the form dynamically changes to accommodate these users.

Mobile Membership Card

After registration and payment, the system provides the ability to display a responsive membership card on a mobile device. This mobile membership card expedites administrative duties for NPC at events.

NPC members can simply pull up their card on their phone to easily display their name, member number, district number, and other information for quick inspection. Our developers programmed each membership year to display as a different card color, which makes it easy to detect outdated memberships at a glance.

Member Records

The back-end of the membership system gives NPC the ability to manage all member records within one comprehensive database. NPC can modify member records, add new records, and delete records as needed.

Data Management

The system also stores event data, gym information, district details such as zip code ranges, registration fees and available discounts, sanctions, and other important data for the NPC operations and marketing teams.

Sort, Filter & Report

Sophisticated system sorting enables NPC to view membership data summaries and drill down to specific data filters to uncover how many athletes are in a specific district, registered within a certain date range, competed in specific categories, and more.


The new system provides a mobile front-end portal that will allow for electronic submission and a robust system database to manage members. This technology streamlines NPC’s previous application process which relied on manual paper-based card submission via mail. Our team built the system to scale with prospective future data needs and bandwidth requirements, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with NPC to support their ongoing information management needs.


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