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What to Know About DROWN Attack Vulnerabilities

What to Know About DROWN Attack Vulnerabilities

The most recent DROWN attack vulnerability risks have been the talk of tech blogs and our support inbox. 

If you have an HTTPS website, there is a chance you are at risk. However, if Blue Archer hosts your website, you are not vulnerable (we checked). 

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Should You Try Hyper-Local Ads?

Hyper-Local Ads

Hyper-local may be a word you are beginning to hear more of if you work in the industry. For those who do not subscribe to 'Marketing Jargon Daily' you may be a little baffled as to how those two words ever came together. 

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How Will Apple's iOS 9 Platform Change Marketing & Local SEO?

Apple's iOS 9 Platform

Fall is the time of year for bonfires, boots, crunchy leaves, and a slew of pumpkin flavored advertising for products that taste more like nutmeg than the fruit (fact check, it is a fruit not a veggie) in question.

What is even better than cool nights and low humidly? Apple will be releasing their iOS 9 update which is big news for those in the industry. 

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August 21st Friday Tech Review

Happy Friday! For today's Tech Review, take a look at the newest selfie device, learn about Spotify's new Privacy Policy that is making a stink and why Google wants you to go Solar!

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August 14 2015 Friday Tech Review

Happy Friday! Take a sec to read this week's Tech Review with quick summaries on what the new restructuring of Google means for you, Facebook’s firing of an intern for wrongfully using user’s data and also a new trip planning extension that will make your traveling itineraries an easy-to-use reality.

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