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Making The Most of Your Resource Library

Making The Most of Your Resource Library

A resource library can be custom built by Blue Archer on your website to help position you as a credible source in the industry. This may consist of ebooks, whitepapers, or other informative pieces for the audience. 

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Industry Conferences for 2016: Social Media, UX, and Web Design

Industry Conferences for 2016: Social Media, UX, and Web Design

Whether you are experienced in your industry or just brushing up on some skills for your business, 2016 offers a slew of conferences in social media, user-experience, and web design.

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Why User Experience Is So Important For Small Business

User experience and small business

Not everyone has the budget to hire every position they can think of when it comes to building their digital presence online.

This can be especially true for small business which means there is more compromise when it comes to prioritizing website needs. One thing that needs to be higher on the list, but often times is not, is user experience.

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Why You Should Not Be Careless With Your Navigation

Your site navigation and UX: Why it matters.

Your website navigation will act as a guide for users on your website. This is why it is crucial to arrange it for an optimal experience. 

Even though it is easy to get wrapped up in determining a design or finally completing content goals, you do not want to be careless with your navigation. 

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Selecting Fonts & Color Schemes

Designing for the web.

While some people may have been more exposed to other areas of art, allowing them to have an 'eye for design', other times it is just a matter of studying the craft better.

As a web design company, we want to point out a few of the basics to keep your website looking good. 

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