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Shine With Vine: Marketing Brands with the New Vine App

By now you may have heard of this totally new app that just came out at the end of January as a new component of Twitter; it's called Vine. Just as Twitter condenses updates to 140 characters or less, this app forces users to constrains tiny video clips into just 6 seconds. It sounds daunting, but many brands have already used this video sharing platform to create some really quirky and cool marketing.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Focus More on the Human Factor in Web Design

The Following is a guest blog post by Erica Bell from  Designing a website may be as simple as registering for Wordpress or Blogger and setting up a site using a template. However, as consumers place themselves in the driver's seat more and more, businesses need to adapt their design strategies for this shift in consumer-business interaction. 

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Mobile Websites: What You Need to Know

The following article is a guest blog post by Angie Mansfield
Why Does My Business Need to Be More Mobile?
How tech-savvy are you when it comes to running a small business that offers its customers the latest in technology?

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