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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Flexible Content Management Solutions for the enterprise to SMB markets

To offer powerful content management solutions for all of our clients, we provide both custom and open source content management systems.

Emerging & Small Business Content Management:

To provide high performance, powerful and cost-efficient solutions for our small and emerging business sectors, we offer both a custom and open source platform. Open source can provide an excellent platform for websites focused on lead generation, marketing, and ease of management.  Our custom offering was developed by our staff to offer superior performance, power, and customization for customers with unique and demanding functional requirements.  While either solution can handle E-commerce, searching extensive databases, dynamic mapping applications, corporate intranets, portfolios, and any other functionality that may need to be customized to your specific needs, we work to determine the best fit based on your needs. 

Each Content Management System implementation is unique and customized for your brand and identity. Depending on your functionality needs, your content management system can serve as a database for a variety of services, including E-commerce, human resources materials, fundraising and donations.  It offers all of the speed and function of the best web technology with exceptional ease of implementation.  

Both of our popular solutions feature intuitive website content management that allows users to easily maintain and enhance their websites by creating and editing content. With a CMS implementation from Blue Archer, you have the ability to manage your own websites, without relying on programmers or other specialists. 

All of our CMS implementations provide the following benefits:

  1. Easy to use.  An intuitive manager interface, as well as highly usable website interfaces are of critical importance to every one of our projects.  We thoughtfully design your interfaces to meet the needs of your users.
  2. Functional and Expandable:  Featuring dozens of proven modules that can be added easily and seamlessly, including various E-commerce, intranet, job database, event management, and other popular modules.
  3. High Performance:  Faster page load times, and faster response as your site grows.  Many CMS systems suffer from slow-downs as you add more pages.  Our implementations consistently score higher in speed tests than other CMS systems.
  4. SEO-optimized:  Supporting static pages and SEO-friendly URL's as a default, as well as the ability to manage all SEO-critical page attributes easily, our websites are designed for the search engines as well as for your users.
  5. Ease of implementation: Some open source systems can take weeks of programmer time to implement.  Our platforms have been selected and designed for quick implementation, lowering your cost of ownership and project timeline.
  6. Stable and Proven:  We have successfully completed hundreds of CMS implementatons. 


Enterprise Content Management:

To meet the needs of enterprise clients, we offer a modern and powerful open source content management system, featuring search engine optimized technology.

Other benefits include:
  1. Outstanding site manager usability, including MS Word integration. 
  2. Flexible Development Platform: Our enterprise open source CMS is a flexible and high-performance framework that allows for development of extensive custom solutions, as well as offering a large catalog of standard modules.
  3. Native multi-language support, provides easy and intuitive language management in order to support an international presence.
  4. Modern Technology: .NET application code with MS SQL Database allows easy integration with most enterprise IT infrastructures and skill sets.  Your IT staff will be comfortable with your technology choice.
  5. Open Source, allowing you access to qualified developers all around the world, as well as available 3rd party support.
  6. Proven Solution: and many other large organizations have selected enterprise open source for their corporate website platform.

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate content management system for your business organization. Tell us a little about your project to get started. 

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