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Social Media Marketing

Social media is all about relationship marketing. Let's make some friends.

Many companies draw the conclusion that social media is not right for their business based on a limited understanding of what social media entails. Social media is more than just Facebook. There are dozens of major social platforms, and each one enables businesses to communicate to their target audience differently.  Social media channels aid in establishing credibility and transparency, and they also act as an extension of your brand development. With 74% of consumers cited for relying on social media to make a purchasing decision, it is a realm you cannot afford to ignore. 

Our Packages

Our Social Media Services for brands include the following packages:

Social Media Audit & Industry Analysis

Some companies only need a push in the right direction. We will do a complete audit of your current social media presence as well as an industry and competitor analysis. Our final report focuses on our professional recommendations that you can leverage on your own. 

Social Media Start-Up

Whether your business is currently struggling to succeed socially or has yet to enter the social realm, we will create or improve your current platforms through search engine optimized description text and meaningful design.  After a comprehensive strategy phase, our social team then manages your entire social media presence for the length of your campaign.  We create engaging and timely daily updates across multiple platforms, and engage with user feedback on your behalf.  A consultative review at the conclusion of the campaign ensures that you have the skills to continue effective social media outreach. 

Social Media Management

We will do everything included in the Social Media Start-Up package without the limited campaign timeline. Our social team ensures the proper foundation is in place before we provide your on-going social media management and monitoring. Updates and reports will keep you informed about your growing social audience so you can focus on what you do best.

Paid Social Advertisements

For clients looking to hyper-target their message, we recommend paid ads on Facebook and Twitter. Paid ads allow your business to target niche audiences based on interests, age, location, online behaviors and more. General online advertising reaches 38%, but Facebook averages 89%. We will ensure your business gets in front of the people that matter to you. Want to show up on the Facebook feeds of users who have visited your business website recently? We can do that for you. And, that's just the start. 

Blog Writing 

For some businesses Facebook or Twitter may not capture their target audience. However, every single business can benefit from a frequently updated blog. Our blog service includes weekly, bi-weekly (or whatever frequency you choose) blog posts to keep your website fresh.  Well written blog posts keep your digital audience engaged, solidifies industry credibility, and aids search engine optimization immensely.

Your Custom Solution

Whether your business is currently struggling to succeed socially or has yet to enter the social realm, our marketing professionals will tailor social media service offerings to best fit your brand’s needs. Our team will look at your specific circumstance and determine the correct mix of social services you need to succeed. 

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