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Why is social media important to your online marketing efforts?

In 2013, social indicators are predicted to increasingly impact your website search engine ranking.

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"I find everyone at Blue Archer a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable. You have tremendously helped my business."

- Michelle Donovan, Founder, Pinnacle Training Services

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Pittsburgh

Simply put, if your business is not a part of the social conversation, it is ignoring one of the most valuable and informational discussions currently unfolding within the marketplace.

Today, social media has become a crucial component of successful inbound marketing and integrated online marketing tactics.  In fact, according to one study, 74% of consumers cited relying on social media to make a purchasing decision

Through social media platforms, businesses can now establish meaningful connections with their highly targeted audiences, facilitating both customer engagement as well as consumer feedback. Social media channels aid in establishing credibility and transparency, and they also act as an extension of your brand development.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

We will help your business mold a successful social identity online by effectively and systematically analyzing your brand.  From Facebook to Twitter or LinkedIn to Google+, the opportunities for appropriate social engagement are endless. An industrial B2B company will require an entirely different social strategy, for example, than a retail brand.

Whether your business is currently struggling to succeed socially or has yet to enter the social realm, our marketing professionals will tailor social media service offerings to best fit your individual needs.  In the past, we have provided clients with services ranging from account creation and population to innovative strategy consultation. Generate buzz for new products or services, network among industry professionals, and expand your audience reach.  Isn’t it time you join the conversation?