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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Flexible CMS options for small business through enterprise

To offer powerful content management solutions for all of our clients, we provide both custom and open source content management systems.

Both of our solutions feature intuitive website content management that allows users to easily maintain and enhance their websites by creating and editing content. With a CMS implementation from Blue Archer, you have the ability to manage your own websites, without relying on programmers or other specialists. 

While either solution can handle  searching extensive databases, dynamic mapping applications, corporate intranets, portfolios, and any other functionality that may need to be customized to your specific needs, we work to determine the best fit based on your needs. 

Each CMS implementation is unique and customized for your brand and identity. Depending on your functionality needs, your content management system can serve as a database for a variety of services, including human resources materials, fundraising and donations.  It offers all of the speed and function of the best web technology, and it's also easy to use. 

Blue Archer Rapid Development Framework (BA RDF):

A multipurpose, rapid development, full-stack code framework made for the responsive web that serves as the basis for our custom CMS implementations

  1. Multipurpose and Optimized for the Responsive Web:  Custom Websites, Web Portals, Transactional Systems, E-commerce Systems and more.
  2. Rapid Deployment, Rapid Development:  The BA RDF is quick to install, and offers rapid development using existing "Building Block" modules.  We've developed hundreds of these modules, ensuring your project is halfway done before it begins.
  3. Full-stack: Includes management portal, template builder interface, and user management.  Built on Bootstrap, the most popular HTML/CSS/Javascript framework in the world.  
  4. Open Source:  Our code is freely available for you to host, modify, and build on as you see fit.  No licensing costs. 
  5. Highly Secure:  Applications developed under the BA RDF are customized to your needs and don't include thousands of lines of code that you don't need.  This limits vulnerabilities and prevents bad actors from leveraging common exposures against you.  Windows Server hosting ensures prompt and effective security patches. Our comprehensive security testing provides an added check.
  6. High Performance and Lightweight:  Our code framework is lean and mean, executing your functionality with the fewest possible lines of code.  Less code = less processing time = the highest possible performance.  Ideal for high volume sites.
  7. Enterprise-Level Support:  Runs in standard Microsoft web server environments and supports all flavors of MS SQL including MS SQL Express, Standard, and Enterprise for easy hosting and management.  We own our own highly available hosting infrastructure, bring your own host, or host yourself.
  8. Free Training:  Twice monthly training webinars teach the basics of using the CMS, including content management and user management.


CMS benefits with Blue Archer

All of our CMS implementations provide the following benefits:

  1. Easy to use: An intuitive manager interface means a short learning curve. You will be adding and editing your content like a pro in no time. 
  2. Functional and expandable: Modules can be added to your site easily and seamlessly, including intranet, job database, event management, and other popular modules.
  3. High performance:  Faster page load times, and faster response time, even as your site grows.  
  4. SEO-optimized:  The CMS supports static pages and SEO-friendly URL's as a default as well as the ability to manage all SEO-critical page attributes easily. 
  5. Ease of implementation: Some content management systems can take weeks of programmer time to implement.  Our platforms have been selected and designed for quick implementation, lowering your cost of ownership and project timeline. Stable and proven:  We have successfully completed hundreds of CMS implementatons. 


We will work with you to determine the most appropriate content management system for your business organization. Tell us a little about your project to get started. 

Features & Functions

Our CMS supports a number of commonly requested interactive and database-driven features for businesses of every size including portfolios, calendars, product catalogs, searchable job listings, intranets and more.

CMS Training

Our live twice-monthly training is completely free so you can take it as many times as you want. Have a new employee or intern who needs to learn the ropes of the CMS? Sign up for webinar training with our friendly support staff.

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