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On the Web, content is king. But with the glut of information – the sheer amount of content – competing for an audience it is important to maximize your chances of connecting with readers. Here are 10 tips to elevate your content and captivate your audience. And remember, if you need additional assistance taking your content to the next level, we can definitely help you with that.

1.    Create an Alluring Title
Quite simply, if you want people to read your content, you must hook them early. The title of an article should serve the same purpose as a newspaper headline. It is meant to capture the eye and entice the reader.

2.    Keep it Short and Simple
With so much content competing for readers’ attention it is best to present your content as efficiently as possible. This means avoiding complex sentences containing multiple comas or semi-colons. Your writing should be accessible to readers accustomed to skimming.

3.    Stay Focused
Once you have hooked your audience you do not want to lose them. Avoid unnecessary anecdotes or tangents. Stay on topic to ensure your audience is continually engaged.

4.    Stay in the Present
Use active verbs in the present tense to ensure your content is engaging to the audience. Writing in the past tense tends to be clunky and remove the reader from the experience.

5.    Avoid Repetition
Though it can be tempting to rephrase sentences again and again to beef-up your word count it is unnecessary and transparent. Try to strike a balance. Do not repeat information by try to utilize keywords for SEO.

6.    Avoid Jargon
Always assume that you are reaching a wide audience and not just readers within your industry. Some may understand technical jargon, but others may not. It is best to err on the side of caution and avoid overly technical language to ensure you are not alienating any potential clients.

7.    Focus on the Reader
Content has to matter to the reader. If it is not immediately apparent why your blog or website is important to your reader, you need to make it apparent. Creating a connection with the reader will ensure they stay engaged.

8.    Readers like Lists
Lists are an efficient, eye-catching way to present relevant information. A list caters to the ‘skimmer’ presenting all necessary information, while maximizing the efficiency of your words.  

9.    Develop a Voice
Let’s face it, not all writers are created equal. Some possess a strong voice innately while others need to hone one over time.

10.    Steal
When pressed to generate compelling content for your blog or website, it is okay to “steal.” Of course you must give credit to the original author and add your own spin to the content.

Remember these principles of web content writing to maximize your chances of fostering and engaging your audience.


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