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Our Favorite Industry Predictions for 2017

Our Favorite Industry Predictions For 2017

2017 is just around the corner which means people are sharing their insights on what the new year holds. Will we start marketing wearables? Will virtual reality catch on? 

We cover some of our favorite predictions in the industry.

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The Quick And Dirty Guide To Google Analytics

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking option to monitor website traffic. We equip all of our websites with Google Analytics to help our clients gain better insight into their site-users. 

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Why Did Google and Bing Ban Certain Ads?

Search Engine Ad Blocks

As search engines progress, businesses and industry professionals understand that ethics and content will increase your exposure. 

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Why Your Responsive Website Matters For SEO

Why Your Responsive Website Matters For SEO

We have all heard the panic regarding mobilegeddon in 2015, but will 2016 see a similar update? 

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Schema Markup For Your Search Listings

Schema Markup For Your Website

Search engine optimization has been on the minds every developer (and business owner) for quite some time now. We optimized our meta data and live and die by the mantra that 'content is king'. 

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