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SEO News: Google My Business Adds Products Feature

Google My Business Products Listing

One of Google’s greatest gifts to man (other than the search engine itself) has been Google My Business. For years, this free tool has helped businesses of all sizes showcase their companies on the search engine and Google Maps. Previously, fields have been limited to basic information, but according to reports from some Google Business users, the platform is beta testing a new feature that will allow companies to add individual products to their listing...

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Lead Generation: Attracting New Users

Lead Generation: Attracting New Users

The world of tech marketing has become more complicated and involved over the years. Finding the right markets to advertise too requires a lot of work and investment. The complexity of modern sales forms the perspective of long-term customers. Focusing on tactics to segment your market and new users while doing so efficiently is the most effective business practice. 

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SEO Improvement: Google’s Local Search Ads

SEO Improvement: Google’s Local Search Ads

Google’s beloved SEO option of local search ads are improved! This prestige company is taking steps to advance rankings for business who rely on this segment. This feature benefits all business who may not have a high ranking, but are in fact near to the user. Check out how Google found a better way to market local businesses. 

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Our Favorite Industry Predictions for 2017

Our Favorite Industry Predictions For 2017

2017 is just around the corner which means people are sharing their insights on what the new year holds. Will we start marketing wearables? Will virtual reality catch on? 

We cover some of our favorite predictions in the industry.

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The Quick And Dirty Guide To Google Analytics

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking option to monitor website traffic. We equip all of our websites with Google Analytics to help our clients gain better insight into their site-users. 

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