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Everything You Need to Know about GDPR

Everything You Need to Know about GDPR

Wondering why you receive massive amounts of emails from certain brands asking you to re-opt in to adjust personal preferences? The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the European Union’s new privacy law, which went into effect May 2018. It’s all about consent, and here’s why. 

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Should You Try Hyper-Local Ads?

Hyper-Local Ads

Hyper-local may be a word you are beginning to hear more of if you work in the industry. For those who do not subscribe to 'Marketing Jargon Daily' you may be a little baffled as to how those two words ever came together. 

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Why User Experience Matters to Marketers

UX & Marketing

The lines are blurring between different styles of marketing, and even if you are not a User Experience (UX) Specialist, you will need to equip yourself with some of the basics to bring your campaign to the next level. 

We have previously discussed why marketers should know the basics of coding, now it is time to dive into UX. 

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Why Your Marketing Team Should Know How To Code

Marketing & Programming

So, times are changing, what can we expect next? As digital marketing merges with traditional marketing there is one skill we may all soon need to know. Coding. Not extensively, no one will ask you to design their newest app (maybe), but basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may soon be beneficial. 

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Making the Most of Winter with Marketing

Winter Marketing 2015

Pittsburgh is also known for its humid, hot summers and miserbly cold, snowy winters. With that being said, this past week we have experienced cancellations, school delays, work-from-home days, and less than diserable driving conditions. Instead of complaining about the cold, use this winter as an opportunity for marketing and community outreach. 

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