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News: Apple Listens to Your Voice Recordings…

Detailing Apple’s human interaction with Siri voice recordings and why it is being suspended.


Apple has implemented a product improvement program by allowing contractors to listen to voice recordings to improve their technology. 

Since the new has broken, the next Apple IOS update will ask for permission regarding the allowance of human interactions with Siri recordings. 


This learning tool is called “Siri Grading”.


In the EU, they are continuing the halting of Siri listening to diminish intrusion of privacy rights.  

This is a huge privacy concern for those who are being graded and anyone who is in range of the voice device – Such as Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Cherished and detailed events are being recorded without permission – drug deals, medical information, and even intimate situations.

The objective of this was to test to see how well the voice response was doing. Not to invade privacy but to grade the overall system. We usually all know how this ends up. 

Apple said that less than 1% of daily conversations with the assistants are being recorded, it could still be a privacy issue. 

The suspension is happening because this activity needs permission to operate.

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Check back later to see the update…

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