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How to Avoid a High Bounce Rate

With nearly everything being online, the competition for content exposure is in high demand.  Many digital marketers are facing this problem. Usually, it’s because the website isn’t doing what it is supposed to. Here’s why and how to fix it. 

Bounce Rate

Having a high bounce rate indicates a mass of people landing on your website and then immediately leaving. Having a high bounce rate doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem. 

A high bounce rate isn’t a problem when users are searching or quick information, such as a phone number or email. If they end up calling or emailing, then it is still considered a conversion.

The problem lies within the people who land and exit right away.

Calculate bounce rate

The percentage of people who landed, but don’t browse further.

There are many platforms that can assist you in analyzing your bounce rate, such as Google Analytics. 

Each page will receive its own bounce rate. This is great for eliminating wasteful pages that do not provide any help to users.  The platform will add all bounce rates together and divide by the number of entrances to get the average bounce rate. 

Look at these numbers in conjunction. For example, if your bounce rate is high as well as high engagement, then you probably have a very informative landing page with ample information. 

The problem is relevant when you have a high bounce rate and low engagement. 

Target Bounce Rate

Many high engagement websites fall between 26% and 70% bounce rates. 

According to Neil Patel, each industry has a different bounce rate. 

Key Takeaways

The goal is to get as many conversions as possible. Having a high bounce rate can be a good thing if conversions are high.
If you’re unhappy with your bounce rate score, then go through each page’s bounce rate to asses where improvements can be made. 

Change single variables at a time to analyze where and why your site may be lacking. 

Reasons for the high bounce rate:

  • Bag content
  • Poor user experience
  • Technical errors
  • Slow processing system

If you find one page that is extremely lacking, install a recording tool so you can see exactly how your users are experiencing your site.

If you need help with a website redesign, contact our team at Blue Archer

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