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Blogging: 2 Key strategies

To build a business around a blog, there are a couple of things you need to accomplish. However, these two key strategies will not only turn your blog into a business but they are the fundamentals to allow your business to take off. 

Multiple Email Popup Boxes

Email is EXTREMELY important! It helps tell your audience, build traffic/user base, and a sense of community. 

You shouldn’t just have one opportunity for people to sign-up for emails but multiple. The most successful bloggers have multiple calls-to-actions that allow users to be on their blog list. 

Many users are experiencing “ad-blindness”. We are so used to ads popping up that we naturally ignore them. At first, they got clicks, but now they are merely cluttered.

Don’t stop expending email opt-ins but be smarter about how you use and create them. The goal is not to overwhelm your users but to give them multiple options. 

Try this triple attack:

  • Perhaps a welcome pop-up 
  • call to action at the bottom of your blogs
  • Finally, an exit pop-up.

Overall, you should be analyzing any change you make to see whether it is a success or whether you need to give it a tweak. 

Utilize Empty Space

The space “above the fold” is the area of the page that is present before you scroll down (Desktop). Everything that you can’t see until you scroll is below the fold.

These are extremely important because people are more likely to notice the actions you place here. Typically, it is empty, but when it isn’t, it is noticeable. 

Some ideas to place here:

  • Benefits of the brand
  • Social media
  • Email subscription options
  • Popular press features

This isn’t just for the front page! Think about where users on landing on your site (like your blog) and utilize all “above the fold” space there. 

Now, a common problem can be too much “above the fold” so as millennials would say “check yo-self before you wreck yo-self”. 

Happy Blogging!

Want to redesign your blogging platform? Contact Blue Archer for a consultation. 

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