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Case Studies: 5 Examples of Compiled Research About Web Design


From logo memory to user retention, we have compiled a list of 5 user tests to ensure your next project is a success. 

1. Draw Logos From Memory


To gain some insight into modern-day branding, we handed 100 people some coloured pens and embarked on an experiment. Then, we asked experts in marketing and branding to give us their tips on how a business of any size can develop a memorable logo that resonates with its audience.



2. Increasing transparency of video recommendations on Youtube — a UX case study


When viewers visit YouTube, they see attention scores under the recommended videos, a metric representing YouTube’s prediction on how likely viewers want to engage with each video or topic.
Attention scores declare the presence of algorithms. They provide entrances to understanding video recommendations.
Attention scores are understandable. They transform the numeric values of algorithmic output into percentages that viewers could understand and compare between videos.



3. Designing for Older Generations’s Mindset


Use a minimum of 14pt for font size. Use boldface to emphasize content, and avoid using italic. Avoid long blocks of text by breaking copy into chunks wherever possible.



4. Case Study: Echo. Designing User Experience and User Interface


Music is an integral part of human life, but at the same time that is not the sphere where people would like to make any additional efforts. For most listeners in most cases the music is where a person relaxes or, vice versa gets energy — not the place for hard work demanding elaborate skills. The wider is the target audience of the music service, the simpler and clearer it should be. Everything the user needs here is clear navigation and fast work. 



5. How to redesign a 175-year-old newspaper


That iteration of the paper served readers well for the past 17 years, but it needed to be updated. From this week, The Economist has a fresher look, with typefaces better suited to both print and digital formats, new column idents and a new weekly section called “Graphic detail”, featuring stories told through data visualisation. It is the last step in a multi-year process to align the look and feel of every iteration of The Economist, on the web, in our apps and now in print.



Blue Archer specializes in website redesign and can offer a unique system for your novel team. 

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