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Effective Marketing Techniques For Law Firms

The busy nature of a law firm may make it difficult to devote time to a marketing budget.

We have some tried and true techniques to make this effort easier and effective. 

What To Budget?

" If you're not spending 2.5 percent, you're not being serious about marketing, and you're not going to get any results. And 2.5 percent of gross revenues can go a long way if deployed well."
Larry Bodine

Budget may not be as pressing of an issue to a large firm as it is for a smaller one. However, it still matters no matter how you slice it. 

2.5 percent may take your company a long way, but anything less may not yield the desired results especially when that statistic is predicted to increase over the years. 

Metrics Matter

Looking at ways to accurately measure your efforts will prove that your marketing is not fruitless and also show weak points in your strategy.

You may not be able to determine how many people saw the billboard on the interstate, but there are a few tactics that do get into the specifics

What Can You Measure?

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • White paper/resource downloads
  • User-experience/web site efforts

Show Your Human Side

"Online video has shown to have many advantages over other media. It highlights the attorney and provides an opportunity to demonstrate his or her persuasive powers. Through the combination of visuals and sound, video delivers ideas and positions with more authority and emotional impact." Adam L. Stock

Advertising is not just about obtaining leads (though that is typically the end-goal), but it is also about having a conversation with your audience. It is an opportunity to show that you are more than just business, but you are also a relatable human behind the company. 

Video, above all else, gives unique insight into the lawyer instead of the firm. Social media, a standard medium for video, also allows a conversation to build around this.

Getting Started

We can get the ball rolling for your law firm in terms of marketing and web design. It does not matter if you are starting from scratch without a website or already have a significant digital presence, we are here to help

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