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Emotional Strategies to Enhance Your Social Media Post

Facebook and other platforms have specific algorithms that control the capacity and prices of your ads. It’s time to hone in on emotional language to flow past algorithms to your target market. Emotion and User’s needs are your new approaches rather than beating algorithms. 

Why an Emotional Description? 

Facebook has shifted from talking to friends and family to users wanting more content that generates emotion. They are opening the platform in hope to see news and events that pertain their interest. 

Therefore, you need to create content for an emotional appeal rather than purely informative. Create a story! 

You can accomplish this strategy by

  • Incorporating specific words 
  • Writing structures 
  • Visual aspects


Consider your market’s needs

Before you post, consider why you are posting the content. Figure out why your users will grab the bait and what motivates them to move forward with your post. You can now determine what topics, message, and idea your users will reflect and respond to.

Maslows’s Hierarchy of Needs is a great starting place in determining which category your content falls under. 

Some users respond to shares/repost about inventions or achievement, especially ones that boost self-actualization. Others prefer creativity around morals and value. Therefore, posting acts of kindness or community-based stories will compliment your page. 

Basic Instincts

Appeal to your user’s subconscious needs that are responsible for behaviors, emotions, and motivation.  

Personality Instincts:

  • Preservation
  • Sexual
  • Social

Self-preservation always strikes in terms of media. Especially physical health, safety, and environment. Therefore, lifestyle blogs, fitness accounts, and food pages obtain utmost popularity. 

Tasty words

Use words that appeal to the senses. Typically, these words have to do with food and even though you might have nothing to do with food, you can still incorporate it.


  • Food for thought
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Lollipop layers

Figure out a way to incorporate tasty words in your titles and you’ll be set. 

If you are looking to redesign your site to appeal to the emotions of our audience contact Blue Archer

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