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Ending the Illusion of Completeness

From apps to web pages, everybody scrolls through feeds. With certain designs, a user can scroll to what they believe is the end of the page, offering a reward of completeness. It’s your goal to diminish this feeling so none of your content is missed and to keep your users searching for more. 

Users are used to scrolling, especially on apps. 

For example, Instagram which is a widely-known picture sharing platform has recently changed their display to reward the user when they are up-to-date with each feed. 

This can be positive for the platform because every time a user opens the interface they want to see that accomplishment and won’t stop until they know they have seen everyone’s posts.

When it comes to your site, you want the users to continue searching for more and more information. Nonetheless, they need guidance. 

Lead users through the design

If your design takes on a minimalist approach, then there is probably a lot of blank space. This blank space can falsely suggest that they have reached the bottom, causing the user to bounce. 

Visual Cues

There are many ways to encourage your users to keep scrolling, but they need guidance through design.

1. Cutting off content

Users will generally understand the idea that if they see images and text cut off by the fold that there is more to see. Showing partial slices of images will intrigue the users and signify there is more to see. 

2. Graphics for direction

Using arrows can be a little blunt and uninformative. Get creative with lines and graphics to show there may be more, but also satisfy the user by finding out the secret path.

3. Animated transitions

Everyone loves UX and interaction with interfaces. Animations can be professional or energized. They can distinguish one block of text from another by simply interrupting the viewing process for less than a second. 


If you want to implement visual cues on your site, contact Blue Archer for a consultation. 





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