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Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

What could Facebook possibly change this time? It’s time to find out during their upcoming conference. From new features to product discoveries, this capital is making changes that you need to see. 


This year April is bringing more than just showers!  It’s bringing another Developer conference hosted by Facebook in their parent location, San Jose, California. 

Every year Facebook gathers to discuss their successful platform hoping to reform and add specs to ensure its continuous growth. 

Conference topics:

  • Updates
  • New Apps
  • AR Advancements
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence 

In the past years, Facebook has had controversial topics arise at these conferences due to the data breach scandals and other struggles. They have even delayed releasing new aspects because of the backlash from their unfortunate events. 

A huge struggle the platform faces is their ability to police their platform with respect to global influence. 


Today is the day!

The 2019 F8 conference kicks off today at 1 pm ET /10 am PT.

Mark Zuckerberg will open the conference with a few remarks regarding his creation, as well as the ecosystem of his other efforts. 

As mentioned, Facebook has struggled over the past years with privacy and moderation. They are facing a potential $3 billion fine for a potential record-setting fine from the federal trade Commission over the privacy scandal. 

With all the negative things happening around the platform and the continuous challenges it faces, it will be interesting to hear what Zuckerberg must say.

 Make sure to tune in!

If you’re worried about the privacy of your site, contact Blue Archer for assistance. 

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