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How To: Free Up Bandwidth and Outsource

Having everything in-house isn’t completely efficient and economically stable these days. You can outsource certain aspects of the business, which can widely open the bandwidth of your staff.  

The following are areas of common business practice that can be outsourced to make better use of your most faithful employees. 

Travel Booking for Clients

Business is all about traveling these days, which can be a hassle. The last thing your team wants to handle on a busy workday is figuring out flights.

Tip: Hire a corporate travel agent 

Mistakes happen often when booking flights and that is the last thing you want your client's to deal with. An expert can ensure you and/or the client is traveling comfortable or even in luxury to ensure a smooth conversion. Also, some of these travel companies work specifically with airlines to give you a great deal and ultimately save you some money. 

Sales Professionals

When a small business is just getting started, it can be hard to grow tremendously all while trying to keep everyone’s Morales up during the process. 

Tip: Hire a freelance sales professional

This person can allow the sales teams attitude to stay high while maximizing the profits of their efforts. To do so, you can offer a commission on sales or bonuses to reward them promptly. As always, it’s important the sales team does not harass prospects, but rather entertain them and build a bridge between their problem and using you as a solution. 

Content Creation

Blogs, publications, and articles can take time and is a huge responsibility for one individual. 

Tip: Hire a content creator

There are plenty of companies and websites that were made for just that. Offer talented people looking for some extra cash to grow their portfolio. Let them grow their portfolio as they help you grow your business. 

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Payroll and HR

Many businesses, of all sizes, use payment processing companies to pay their employees, contractors, and freelancers. Sometimes, this can lead to errors. 

Especially raises and timesheets can cause employees to feel disgruntled if the information sent over is not accurate. Having an HR department can be expensive to fun, but may be what you need. The accuracy and dedication they can provide will relieve stress and the ongoing problem of misinformation transfer. 

All in all, consider outsourcing different aspects of your business to save money and time. It will also allow you to develop superior talent to help on certain tasks.  Start with taking time to asses where your company can start outsourcing to be at your utmost potential. 

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